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This section shows a collection of my various artwork over the years. This is not a complete collection by a long shot, but I hope it is an interesting selection.

Some of this artwork has been for pleasure and some of it was created for various companies that I have worked for.

Artistic creativity is where my heart has always been, although over the last few years I have been side-tracked by work (web-design and software development) and family (kids take up a lot of time, hehe). Hopefully now I have time to be able to start devoting more time to my artwork again.

CD's, Logos, Games and Slot Machines in the last 10 years or so, have all been created using computers. Before computers where common place, I used to create the same things by traditional methods and photography.

I still haven't mastered creating artistic artwork on the computer, I find it a lot more satifying and easy to create my artwork the traditional way, using airbrush, paintbrushes and pencils.

Artistic Materials
  • Artist Ink - Ideally Rotring ArtistColor
  • Acrylics - Badger Air-Opaque
  • 2B Pencils - Rotring 0.5 drafting pencil
  • Color Pencils - soft leads
  • Ink Pens - Rotring draughting ink pens, various sizes
Software Programs
  • Artistic - Photoshop, Painter
  • Vector Drawing - Freehand
  • 3D Modeling - Lightwave, Maya, Bryce 3D, Poser
  • Multimedia - Shockwave, Premiere, Flash
  • Desktop Publishing - Quark Xpress