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Marquis Masquerade

A short introduction is in order. This is a collection of images from the magazine and nightclub events. The magazine came about due to the success of the fetish/gothic night of the same name we ran in Nottingham. The basic principles of both the night and the magazine was to combine the gothic and the fetish scene. We believed that there was a strong bone of connection running between both scenes that has hitherto been ignored by the fetish mainstream, both in magazine form and at the fetish parties. We here at the "Marquis’ Masquerade" all arrived at the fetish scene via the gothic subculture of this country and we believe a great number of you have done the same, and hope more will follow! But the magazine was not just a one way street set up to catch the young goths experimenting with fetish imagery and to take them into our dark world. No, we also wanted the fetish party goers to appreciate and understand where it is the gothic element comes from, its motivations and maybe to experiment by leaving the comfortable and sometimes factional fetish scene, and to "export" the best of fetish culture to the world of Gothdom.

We knew that there was some opposition to our views on both sides of the fence, some members of the fetish scene had a static view of gothic culture which was based partly on the establishment rock press’ dismissal of the genre, (possibly this perspective was fuelled by certain "economic forces") partly by the expected norms of the London "nightlife", and finally in some cases by naked snobbery and elitism!
On the negative other side of the fence, goths dismiss the fetish scene again mostly out of ignorance. They think it’s just dirty old men, raincoat wankers e.t.c., or they dislike the elitism and the aforementioned snobbery, also the predominately terrible music played at 99% of fetish nights!
Our night has tried to combat all the above prejudices and form a "new order" within the fetish scene. So far we have been successful, and we hope this magazine will continue in the same vein. An adult magazine which reflects the interests and intelligence of both gothics and fetishists, and will kick in new life blood both ways. A magazine which will be aesthetically pleasing but without all the fashion/art bullshit of other publications, a publication which will be interesting and informative as well as erotically stimulating.
With the Masquerade (the club), our intention was to provide a worthy and enjoyable Fetish club outside London. A strict dress code was insisted upon, and adhered to, at the events. Rubber, Leather, PVC, Fetish glamour and TV/cross-dressing are all acceptable, as were any fantasies people may wish to live out. Our parties have been attended by people representing every aspect of the fetish scene, from those purely interested in the fashion side, and the imagery, to those deeply involved with the S & M , bondage, discipline and slavery aspects. Groups, couples and singles were made equally welcome. However, everyone was respected, and accepted, for who they where , and what they wanted to be.
Entertainment is provided, in the form of erotic performances, and attractions including trade displays, fetish art and a photographic studio. We included a "play" area, furnished with various apparatus and equipment, for the use of. Music also played a big part, and covered a wide spectrum of types, from goth, to futurist/new romantic, plus electro/industrial/chart dance tracks.
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