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The Maid
Gothic Erotic 1
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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Evangaline
artist: Tony Ackland
It had been a strange day, I seemed to have been busy for most of the time, but not actually done anything. I moved slowly out of the building. The time was about 7.15 in the evening and I was eventually going home.
I worked in the city centre as an architect, designing buildings for idiots who didn’t know what they wanted, or had fancy ideas that were just not practical. You ended up spending half the day just explaining to people that it just was not possible to do what they wanted. And then when I went home, but no matter what I would do my thoughts always returned to work. There were nights when I would eventually give in to my ideas and start working again, just doing this or that modification. Most of my friends called me a workaholic. Fortunately, when I went out I could forget and enjoy myself. That is until I went home again.

Tonight was Friday, and three of us were going away camping for the weekend. There was Phil, who worked for the council in the planning office, which was where we had met. He was a tall lanky bloke with a weird sense of humour. Then there was Vince, who worked as a shop assistant. He was mister perfect,. No matter what he did the girls just seemed to fall over themselves trying to get his attention. Although he was good looking, he was a real bastard when it came to women. The three of us often went away at the weekend. Most of the good night life had faded since the mid eighties.

This week we were going to disappear into the Scottish highlands. The car was already packed, and by nine in the morning we were ready to leave. This was unusual in its own right, because none of us were really very good at getting up early in the morning.

After we had been driving for four hours, we left civilisation behind, and the countryside changed. All we saw was the occasional farm, or the annoying farmer who insisted that it was us that had to reverse the car so that he could get past, or following them for ages at what seemed to be an ever decreasing speed.

We finally arrived at the spot we had chosen. An old castle that had been around for several centuries. Apparently, people had been having rituals here for years. Stories tell of witches being burnt, and human sacrifices, given so as to appease the gods. There was supposed be evil dwelling in this area.
We set up camp, which actually didn’t take very long. We had become so used to doing it, that we each knew what had to be done before we were told. The site we had chosen wasn’t a proper site, so our camp was put up just off the road, and out of sight. We usually found that for a couple of days nobody really noticed. Part of this was that we didn’t like the fuss which was made when you booked into a proper camp site, and also many of the sites got quite funny when three men with long hair and leather jackets turned up.
As the night was drawing in and we had finished eating, Phil decided that he wanted to go and have at look at the castle. Although we had been driving for most of the day, we all couldn’t wait to have a look round. The sun was setting, throwing a orange and red tint over the old walls, giving the place a look of evil. We wandered aimlessly around, jumping on walls and poking our noses into every nook and cranny we could find in the dimming light.

The night grew darker as time crept by. We started stumbling around in the dark, and decided that it was time to start back to our camp, and return again in the morning, for a closer inspection. The pale moon hardly gave off any light that night, but as we stumbled along, Vince noticed an old building not far from our camp.
“Jesus, that’s close,” he said, pointing in the direction of the building. “I wish we had set up camp on the other side now. I didn’t realise we were that close to anyone.”
“I could have sworn we weren’t. I didn’t notice it before, and looking at the building, I think we would have.” As I spoke, my voice grew quieter.
The house was like a gothic mansion, with wooded walls and towers at the corners. It was run down and looked as if no one had been there for years. The whole thing was encased in a wrought iron six foot fence. You could imagine opening the door and fighting the cobwebs.

“God! Its the Addams Family,” was Phil’s initial response. “I wonder if Gomez is home tonight?”

“Well I can’t see any lights on, or any activity. Tomorrow we’ll take a walk up there and have a look. If we try it now it’ll take us all night. You can’t see a bloody thing in this light.” I replied.

“There’s something strange and not right about that place. I don’t like it. I’d sooner move camp tonight,” was Vince’s only response.

“Oh, come on.” I said. “There are no ghouls or ghosties going to get you.”

“Still I don’t like it, Jason. There’s something bad up there and it knows we’re here.”

We carried on chatting about this and that, what we were going to do tomorrow. But no matter what we said or how we joked about things, Vince was very quiet, only joining in when he had to.

When we reached the camp we dropped the bundle of sticks and logs which we had collected on the way back. Phil started to build a fire, keeping it small on Vince’s instructions. He just could not shake that feeling he had, no matter what we said or did. I dug out some food and put some music on. Although, I must say, I don’t think now that Incubus Succubus was probably the best choice of tapes, that night.
After eating our food we sat around and talked for a while. Vince decided that he’d had enough for the day, and dug out his sleeping bag and tried to get some sleep. By about midnight both myself and Phil were also ready to hit the sack.
Somewhere around two in the morning, I awoke. I wasn’t quite sure at first what had caused me to wake up. Then I heard it again, a girl screaming in agony. I looked around. The others were still fast asleep. I contemplated waking them, but for some reason I decided not to. Then I heard the scream again. The night was very still, and after the piercing scream, all was silent, deathly silent. It was unnatural, you could always hear something, some creature or other, but tonight there was nothing.
I stood up , I didn’t know what I was going to do. At the time I just thought that now I was awake I’d stretch my legs. As I moved away from the camp site, my thoughts were about the scream I’d heard. Where had it come from? Was someone in trouble? Could I help them? Should I? I didn’t know what to do. Then I looked up. I hadn’t been watching where I was going, my legs had just carried me there.
I was standing in front of a pair of large wrought iron gates, reaching up into the night sky. In the centre of the gates was a large bronze, oval plaque. This had embossed in the centre a picture of a waterfall, and underneath was some writing which I couldn’t decipher. Then there was a loud creaking noise and the gates slowly swung open, as if inviting me to enter. I looked back, intending to return and tell my friends. But before I could turn round, my legs had began to move forward, guiding me onwards, towards the house looming ahead. As I moved forward, my eyes moved in every direction, taking in every detail of my strange surroundings. I moved past a couple of run-down out-buildings, which appeared to, at one time, been the old stables. The gardens either side of the path were lavishly decorated with various statues, and paths could be seen stretching away into the darkness, hinting at untold beauties hidden away out of sight. The gardens themselves were actually very well maintained, unlike the buildings. It was strange here, because I could actually see. Until I had passed through the gates, I hadn’t been able to see more than ten feet in any direction, but here it was different.

Something was telling me to leave. I wanted to turn round and move away, go back to the safety of my friends. Every now and again, I would turn, thinking that I had heard something, some small sound. The wind began to blow slightly, making sounds like whispering. But no matter what my thoughts were, I still continued to move onwards. This was crazy, what was I looking for? There were no lights on that I could see.

I started to climb the main steps, leading up to a large porch area, with two huge wooden doors, decorated with bronze studs, and a large bronze knocker just below a symbol, the same symbol that had been on the main gates. As I reached the top of the steps, the doors parted, allowing me glimpse inside. The hall stretched away in a wide corridor. The walls were beautifully panelled to about four foot off the floor, with the rest of the wall finished off in an old slightly patterned wallpaper. The floor stretched away in a sea of light blue square tiles. The place hadn’t been maintained very well, as there were cobwebs all over the place, covering some of the portraits hanging on the walls. The bronze gas lamps were dormant, with no sign of use in a long time. This house, at one time, must have been a real sight to see.
At the far end of the hall was a faint glow. I crept in through the doors and moved slowly forward towards the glow, and I began to hear the faint sound of running water, as I approached the door at the end of the hallway.
I reached out and turned the handle. The door swung open without a sound. Through the door I could see an inner courtyard, with a number of other doors leading away to untold adventures. Flagstones circled an orderly arrangement of flower beds. These, like the gardens outside, were in full flower and well maintained. Up above were various walkways and balconies overlooking the courtyard. Still higher was a large glass dome set in the centre of the roof. The room was lit with a variety of gas lamps placed around the walls at various intervals and heights. These gave the area an eery type of dull illumination, like being in a room with a log fire with no lights on. As my eyes moved back downwards, I noticed that all the paths, from each door, led to a central area, and in the centre was a marble fountain.
The fountain stood in the dead centre of the courtyard. The centre piece of the fountain was a marble statue of a young beautiful maiden, naked down to her waist, and then her legs blended into the water. Around the base of the statue were a variety of smaller male statues, each had their hands cupped together close to their chests, where water sprang forward into the fountain.
As I moved round the fountain, I noticed a body lying on the floor. It was on the other side of the fountain, which is why I hadn’t noticed it before. I stepped forward, and saw it was a young girl. As I turned her over, I realised that she was totally naked. As I moved her she began to stir, I took off my leather, and wrapped it around her shoulders, as she started to sit up.
“Was it you, who screamed?” I asked. She turned and looked at me. My whole body sank, I almost fell to the floor myself. They were eyes that you could fall right into, and forget everything else.
“Yes.” she replied in a soft, gentle voice. “There was someone here.” My eyes shot around, studying every shadow. She laughed, a sweet, gentle laugh, which felt totally out of place in this house. “No, it’s all right now, he’s gone. I think he heard you were coming.”
I still felt uneasy, no matter what her manner was. “How did you get here?” I asked.
“Does it matter? All that matters is that you’ve come.” She replied. “I knew you would. I’ve been waiting for you.”
“You can’t have been. We didn’t even know this place existed until about four hours ago, let alone that we would come inside.”
“But I knew you would.” She stood up and turned towards the fountain, and my leather jacket fell to the floor. She bent forward and reached into the water to splash some onto her face and neck. Then she turned back towards me. “Well, prince charming, how does it feel to see your prize?” she asked, with a smirk across her face. Again, I looked straight into her eyes. My legs started to turn to jelly as I sank deeper and deeper in to those deep blue eyes. Then she turned away, releasing me. I staggered slightly as I recovered, from, what I don’t really know. Her long black hair fell down about her shoulders, covering the top of her breasts. She moved with such grace that she made no sound as she walked around.
After walking right round me, she leaned forward and placed her arms around my neck, and pulled herself onto tip toe, and kissed me full and hard, for what seemed to be a life time. I felt my body respond like it never had before. Within seconds I was fully erect and falling into her arms. I didn’t want her to let go. I wanted this to last forever.
She pulled herself away again, and stood back, looking at me. “Come.” was all she said, as her hand reached out and took mine. She pulled me forward towards her. Then her hands moved slowly down. She unbuckled my belt, and started to prize by jeans off. She sank to her knees as they came closer to the floor. Gently, with soft, white hands, she lifted my feet one by one and removed my boots, and then my trousers.
I don’t know why but I couldn’t resist. But I didn’t want to resist, and it wasn’t just the usual male urge, it was something else. Something compelled me to do as she wished. I wanted to please her. If she had asked me to do something, anything at that moment, I think I’d have done it without a second thought.
As she started to stand, her hands moved gently from my ankles, up the inside of my legs. Her hands were slightly damp and cold, which seemed to excite me even more. They slowly cupped my member, stroking it slowly. Then she started to lift my t-shirt, dragging it over my head.
“There, that’s better. I hate to see a male body in clothes.” she said. “You men should be like this more often, open and defenceless.”
She moved behind me, her hands slowly stroking my chest. moving up and down my body, touching every inch of flesh. Her hands caressed my buttocks, squeezing gently. Then they moved round to clasp my member again. She started to kiss my neck as she slowly rubbed my member. My hands moved backwards, clasping her buttocks and squeezing, pulling our bodies even closer together.
Her hands moved gently, with great precision. She knew what she wanted, and she knew what to do. One hand moved down between the cheeks of my buttocks, fingering the secret entry to my body. Then she moved slowly round in front of me. She started kissing my chest as her hands explored my buttocks. My hands moved down to caress her breasts. They were firm and petite, and her nipples were solid as I gently pinched them. Her hair dangled down, gently brushing the crown of my member. She slipped her fingernail gently between the crack at the top of my member, rubbing backwards and forwards.
I lifted her up, our mouths closed on each other, Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, gently sucking each other’s energy and enthusiasm. Our hands moved up and down each other’s body, caressing and playing with now excited parts. Exploring each other’s avenues of pleasure. It was like trying to find out what we each liked, and how we liked it done.
She pulled me down onto the hard, cold flagstone floor. Our bodies entwined in intimate passion, that only lovers know. Her beautiful body was alive, rubbing against mine, all other thoughts left my mind. I was lost, totally controlled by her will. She moved on top of me, easing my member into her wet, sticky sex. She moved up and down, continually caressing my body. My hands responded, exploring every curve of her body. Then her back arched and her head flew backwards as I exploded inside her and she orgasmed. She gently rolled onto her back, moving me on top of her. Again, eagerly, she accepted my member. Again we both hit ecstasy at the same time.
This time, when she finished, her hands gently rubbed my sagging member. Her hands were starting to feel very wet, as she still caressed my now stiffening member. She started to tickle the end of my member with her tongue, and for a brief time she sucked hard and deep, always trying to get my member stiffer and harder than it had ever been. All the time her hands were starting to feel wetter. But still I accepted her caresses, her attentions.
After several hours of more enjoyment than I had ever known more positions, and more attention and expert guidance than ever before, the grey light of the morning was beginning to show through the dome in the ceiling.
She stood up and took both my hands in hers. “Come with me, be with me always. Live your life out with me, experience the passion and heat of our love for each other for the rest of eternity.”
I looked at her. What did she mean? But at the time I would have done anything. I wanted her, I needed her. I had never before found anyone like her. I wanted to be with her always.
“Yes.” was my only reply.
With that she stepped into the fountain, taking me with her. We were now standing up to our knees in pure, clear water. Then something hit me,. No, don’t do this, leave now while you can. I felt sudden panic. I think it was a glimpse of fulfilment in her eyes. As if she had accomplished what she had set out to do. I tried to pull away, but she held my hands in a vice like grip. I couldn’t feel my legs. I looked down. Both our legs were now merging into the water. We were becoming part of the water. We sank down, our bodies fading, turning to liquid.
I was lost forever.
I have written this note to try and explain to people what has happened to me.
These days, I can still move around the old house as I like, although she keeps a close eye on me. But I cannot move out past the front gates. I have since learned that she is a Water Nymph. She lures men into her house, and then seduces them, so she will always have a male companion do do her bidding.
I am her latest conquest. The others have outlived their usefulness, and she has turned them into living statues. They know what is going on, but cannot move. They are now part of the fountain. I know that one day she will tire of me, and my fate will be the same as theirs.
Her passion is unlimited, and many hours are spent satisfying her sexual needs. Sometimes these are strange, one day she will be gentle and kind, the next she will flog me, and bring me close to orgasm for hours, before she will actually let me release my ecstasy. No matter what happens to me, I know I am totally besotted with her, and will do anything to please her.
She told me that my friends had come looking for me. But they would not remember the house, and would never be able to find it again, anyway.
I have eventually found a way of placing this note, hopefully where someone will find it.
Stay away! This place will only bring trouble.