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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Malachi Constant
This month we asked a few people to tell us about any sexual experiences that they have had associated with the gothic scene. As you can probably imagine we got quite a few interesting tales related to us (I do hope to tell you a few more in future issues) But for the moment we all were knocked out with this one told to us by Jo from Birmingham.
Standing in front of the mirror whilst backcombing my hair, I admired my reflection. I had my thigh length boots on, fishnet tights, and a tight, black pvc miniskirt on that only just covered my bottom. My purple satin basque with black delicate lace over the top was low cut, showing off my ample cleavage. ‘Mmm, perhaps a trifle daring for a shopping trip!’ I thought, and went over to my wardrobe to choose a more subtle top. After flicking through my extensive collection of clothes I wrinkled my nose ‘I seem to have nothing but leather and lace in here’ and decided that whilst out shopping for new underwear I would also pop into the clothes shop that had recently opened, I had passed by it last week and was pleasantly surprised to spot a few rubber dresses in the display window.
I chose a red crushed velvet top and took off the basque. My nipples were erect from the gentle rubbing of the satin, I gave my breasts a light squeeze, feeling a thrill through my body.
After I had changed I checked my reflection again, my hair looked superb, I had recently had parts of my black hair dyed red and the effect, I thought, looked stunning.
Pleased with what I saw I went to catch a bus into town. I hated catching buses - too many sneering old ladies who stare and gossip, but I have an excellent way of dealing with them. As I sat on the bus it was a middle aged man who couldn’t keep his eyes off me, his wife sitting next to him looking really annoyed, so in a relatively loud voice I said ‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you it was rude to stare?’ His face nearly matched my hair and his wife shifted uncomfortably on her seat.
Even after I got off the bus I couldn’t stop smiling to myself at the couple’s response. I walked through the busy shopping market and decided to go straight to the new shop.
It was still quite early in the morning, so I wasn’t too surprised when I walked in through the door to find no-one else around. As I browsed through the dresses I became aware of someone standing behind me. I turned round and saw the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He was tall, with really long black crimped hair and dark eyes, “Can I help you?” he asked in a really deep husky voice. “Yes” I breathed, shocked at the effect this man had on me, “I was looking for something a bit more outrageous, I noticed you had some rubber dresses in the window but cannot seem to find any on the racks”.
“We keep all the rubber separate from the usual stock, it’s upstairs,” replied the sexy man with a glint in his eyes. He strolled over to the stairs and as I followed I couldn’t keep my eyes off his bottom, he had leather jeans on and they were really tight, so tight in fact that they outlined the whole of his muscular legs and bottom. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and smiling said “After you”.
As I walked up the stairs I realised the reason for the glint in his eyes and his courteous manner, it was because I had my mini skirt on and he would have an opportunity to look up it! I laughed to myself because I hadn’t any knickers on underneath my fishnet tights - I bet he was really enjoying himself!
As I scanned the upstairs salesfloor, which was full to overflowing with racks of rubber outfits, the assistant apologised for the layout saying it was only temporary. “What type of dress are you looking for?” he enquired.
I gazed deep into his eyes and with a flirty smile replied “I don’t know, what have you got to offer?”
A flicker of surprise crossed his face before he said “Come on over here and I’ll show you!”
He led me to the farthest corner of the shop, which was even more cramped and said, “these may be of interest to you”.
The rail he had pointed out was full of really excellent rubber outfits., There were dresses, skirts, tops, stockings, gloves, bras, corsets, basques, shorts and trousers. As I looked through the rail I could feel his body near to me - there was no choice as it was really cramped. I turned round, standing with my back to the rail, “You really do have a lot to offer a woman don’t you?” I teased. He grinned back at me and reached forward over my shoulder to pick an outfit off the rail, the close proximity of his body was electric and my heart started to race, I couldn’t remember ever feeling this turned on before. “This is my favourite” he declared, “Why don’t you try it on?”
The outfit he had chosen was a black rubber mini-dress with a zip and lace up effect on the back. “If you like it, then yes I will try it” I twinkled, “but I may need some help fastening the back, would you mind?”
“Not at all” was his happy response.
I disappeared into the changing room which was a shower rail in a corner with a curtain attached. As I closed the curtain I made sure I left a gap through which this exciting young man could sneak a peep, should he want to!
I took a deep breath as I put the rubber dress on as it was so cold, my nipples immediately became erect, as I fastened the zip I called through the curtain, “by the way, what’s your name?”
“I’m Jo” I smiled as I stepped out of the changing room, “ could you lace me up please?”
I turned with my back to him and moved my hair forward as he gently started to lace up the back of the dress. As the lacing continued farther down and more towards my bottom I could feel his touch through the rubber material and my clitoris began to tingle with excitement, “I’ve got to tighten the lacing now, do you want to hold on to something to steady you?” asked Nick.
So I took hold of a convenient rail which was screwed to the wall. My arms were slightly above my head and my body was a bit to one side. When Nick started pulling me in, I felt another wave of powerful erotic pleasure surge through my body, as my bottom was pulled out towards him and I felt the rubber tightening around my waist and hips. “Ooh” I said. “That feels tight”.
My mind started racing as it occurred to me that as the dress was being pulled tighter. The skirt was also rising higher! “Oh God my bum cheeks will be on display very, very soon”. I thought
My heart was beating away and a thousand thoughts were running all at once, ‘I,m going to show myself off to a stranger! I want him too look! I want him too feel! I am so hot! I will feel such a tart if he sees that I am so randy!” Then I felt that I was extremely wet between my legs. Dare I look over my shoulder to see if he has seen anything? I just know that my eyes will betray my thoughts. Wow! If he pulls me any tighter he will see the start of my pubic hair, there can only be about an inch and a half or so of rubber covering my sex now! My bottom was pulled towards him so!’
“I think that ought to do it!” came his voice and at once shattered my multiple conjecturing.
“Yes”. I replied rather breathlessly, “It feels really good”
I straightened up rather stiffly and took a few wobbly steps towards the mirror. I drank in the sight before me. The material was pulled taught as possible, and my breasts were outlined so totally, not only was the full roundness of the breasts seen clearly, but my now erect nipples and areolas were completely on show! The shape of my bosom dipped gracefully to my hips, which also projected wonderfully through the material, and on to the top of my fishnet clad thighs. Another frisson of pleasure which caught my eye was the subtle effect the fishnet had on the black rubber. Outlining my bum and legs, making them more visible than if you could see me just standing there in my tights and nothing else. Although it was covering me, it was also undressing me in a marvellous kind of way.
“Have you got any shoes to go with this outfit?” I asked.
“I quite like the stilettoes you are already wearing”, came my assistant’s reply.
“Yes, they are OK but I want something higher, shinier”.
In a few moments of rummaging in a corner, he came back with a box of shoes for me to try on. He had in those previous moments just given me another view of his leather encased bottom, “Try these on for size.”
I sat down on a low chair, aware of the fact that my skirt had again ridden up another inch. I crossed my legs knowing that my sex and bottom cheeks must now be totally visible to him, if he got into the right position.
“Let me help you with the shoes”, he said, and got down onto one knee and took off one of my stilettoes replacing it with a black patent leather 5inch spike heel. I crossed my legs again giving him a definite view of my now incredibly wet fanny, and he then put the other patent spike heel onto my foot. “Try standing now, the look from this position is totally fantastic” He said.
“Cheeky thing”! Was all I could come up with and I rose to my feet. I looked superb.
Then at long last, something started happening! A tormented groan came out of his mouth and he started licking my thigh. His tongue wiggling between and over the fishnet holes encasing my legs. I grabbed his head and stroked his crimped hair whilst his frenzied mouth ran all over my heated limbs. His powerful hands suddenly seized my hips and spun me around so that my bottom was again facing in his direction. I was breathless with lust and totally under his command. His wicked tongue reached my nether cheeks and roamed freely over the globes, coating them in a fine warm wet trail which only served to excite me more. The edge of the dress had risen even more than before and he now must be able to actually see my open swollen vaginal lips pressing though the fishnet begging to be touched, hot and wet with desire. I was panting hard now and the excitement accentuated by the fact that not only was this man a stranger to me, but that he was so in control of me, making free with my most intimate parts. His mouth ran between my cheeks nuzzling, licking and slowly moving down.
“Faster, faster” My mind begged him.
What seemed like an age went by until he eventually reached my gaping lower lips. Shudders of pleasure went through me as his tongue went to work licking and sucking away. Again the feelings I had were magnified by the sensation of the tight fishnets straining over my sex. Another wave of pleasure went through me when he suddenly jumped up to his feet and pulled me close to him in such a way that his leather encased cock seemed to run right up my legs and between the cheeks of my bottom. It was like an animal who had found it’s long lost home, as if it was born to be there.
“We,d better shut the door, don,t you think?” He said.
I started mumbling something about having to do some shopping, but his masculine lips soon silenced any excuses I could produce. Fierce, strong kissing full of passion. In a trice, he had left me and rushed off to close the door.
“Lie down on the floor!” came his commanding voice, so I did, but making the hard boards more comfortable with the other rubber clothes that were lying around.
Then he was back, kneeling in front of me and unzipping his trousers. In a second, his masculinity sprang out in front of my eyes. The foreskin was pulled back and the tip of his cock was almost dripping with excitement, such was the man’s urgency. He never asked, but I just knew what he wanted. I took the whole length in one go into my eager mouth, whilst my left arm grabbed round his waist and my hands sunk into his delicious leather encased bottom. He tasted salty and hot all at the same time, his member oozed constantly and his moans of pleasure just made my heart beat even faster and the movements of my tongue all the more intense.
Then suddenly the oral pleasures were over! He grabbed my head gently but forcefully away from his penis, he pushed my shoulders to the rubber strewn floor. Then in a second, he ripped a hole in my tights so that my love lips were totally open to any invasion, and without any more delay he plunged his burning cock into my wet fanny. I almost fainted with the delight of it. It didn’t take long for either he or I to come, both of us were so worked up. But for an added thrill at the moment he started spending, he whipped his knob out of me and spunked all over my legs and pubic hair.
After the waves of passion had eased, we both got up, cleaned ourselves in the bathroom round the back. Then I said my farewells to Nick, but not before I received a replacement pair of tights and a “shop soiled” rubber dress on the house. I can’t wait until I need some more outfits!
Thanks again to Jo from Birmingham. There will be more “Gothic Erotic” stories in the next issue of “The Marquis Masquerade”.