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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Evangaline
The night had been another disaster.

I had been out with my boyfriend for a quiet drink, or so I thought. But he’d had other plans, and we ended up going to the Red Light, the local alternative/goth club. When we arrived everything had been all right, we started to drink and dance and were enjoying each others’ company. Then a group of our friends turned up, and we stood talking for a while about this and that, and what sort of day we’d had at work, etc. the usual rubbish. I needed to go to the ladies room, and my friend, Beth decided that she needed to go as well. We talked about how we were getting on with our boyfriends, and what they were like in bed. Beth’s boyfriend was getting quite serious and she wasn’t sure wether she loved him or not, and was trying to keep him at arm’s length. Me, I just wanted to be able to keep mine for more than just five minutes, which tended to be the norm for me. This time, however, it had actually lasted for five days, which was quite incredible.

When we returned, I saw my boyfriend ask another friend of mine, Hanna, for a dance. I didn’t really mind, although I wished he had asked me if I minded him dancing with someone else. After the first couple of records I was beginning to wonder if he still remembered me. They were dancing quite close and giggling a lot. After the sixth record I plucked up enough courage to go and butt in. He looked at me. quite shocked really. We carried on dancing for a couple more records, including one of my favourites “Pale Empress” by “The Merry Thoughts”, We then stopped and went to sit down. He was sitting next to Hanna, and proceeded to talk to her. I was left on the other side of him, being totally ignored. I decided to leave them to it for a while. Not thinking for a moment that he would do anything to go there than talk to her, I found some other friends and started to dance with them, We were enjoying ourselves dancing and drinking quite heavily, when my boyfriend reappeared.
“Deserted me have you?” he asked. “I thought you were supposed to be with me. We came here together, don’t you want to leave together?”
I turned and looked at him. “You what?” I almost shouted, still trying to keep my voice at a normal level “And what have you been doing with Hanna? I felt like a spare part. Don’t you care about me? I was just sitting there and you were both ignoring me and I thought I would come and talk with some friends.”
“Well it didn’t look like that to me, and Hanna thought you were being ignorant.” He said almost smugly.
I glared at him.
“I came here because you wanted to. I just thought that we were going out for a quite drink.” My blood was beginning to boil now. What was Hanna doing, was she trying to get off with my boyfriend,or had I just had too much to drink?
“Well if you’re going to be like that, I’m going, and I’m going to take Hanna home. She’s quite upset, she thinks she's done something to upset you.”
Well, there it was, another pathetic male excuse to dump me, He had got what he wanted the second night we had gone out. In the back of his car at the local pub. It had been awful, It took him ages to get it up, especially with all the beer he had been drinking. trying to pluck up the courage to even try. Then, within seconds of entering me, he had come, leaving me all wet and sticky, without even beginning to get aroused. He had thought it was wonderful, I’d even heard that he had told his mates that he had made me scream with ecstacy.
I was furious, I wish men would wear ID tags saying they didn’t want a relationship, but just a quick shag and without having to worry if the girl had been satisfied. I wanted to run after them, and either smack Hanna, or tell her what a crap lover he was. I thought about shouting after them and telling the whole club.
Everybody appeared to be standing watching me. I looked up, tears were beginning to swell up in my eyes. I quickly made my excuses, which nobody really seemed to care about, and made my exit.
Now I was back home, and the past week’s events began to play though my mind. What had I done? I had been considerate, and left him to talk to other people, I hadn’t tried to stick to his arm or get jealous. I had even tried that with previous boyfriends. I had tried being a good girl and not sleeping with them immediately, but that didn’t work. After a week, if you were lucky, they would go off with someone else, who they could jump straight into bed with. I had tried jumping into bed with them the same night that I met them. Then you just didn’t see them again. I had tried being the dumb blond, which was difficult when you’ve got dark brown hair, then all they did was make you look stupid in front of their mates. I even had a man that I had slept with on the first night, invite his friends round to fuck me as well. That had been close. I only just made it out in time. My friend said that it was the type of man that I went for, and that the right one would come along one day. But how many more men have I got to have before this so called mystery super star is going to turn up? All I want is someone who cares for me, who wants to be with me. Even if it’s only for a year. At least that would be better than just one week.
My head was beginning to spin, and my thoughts started to become muffled. I assumed this was the large quantities of alcohol I had consumed earlier. I decided. After trying for several minutes to piece my thoughts together, that it was time to try and make it to the bedroom. I wobbled through the door to the bedroom and promptly fell over. I picked myself up and just sat there for a minute. Then gently, trying not to move too quickly, I started to unlace my stiletto boots. After several minutes of fumbling with the laces, they fell off. My feet felt so relieved, I always forget how much my feet ache after wearing stilettoes for several hours. I slowly turned towards the bed, and gently pulled myself upon to the bed.I still hadn’t made it from the night before. Looking round, I noticed I still hadn’t got around to tidying up the flat at all. Never mind, it could wait until tomorrow. Crawling up onto the bed, I eventually passed out.
I woke a couple of hours later. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who doesn’t suffer from hangovers. I decided that it would be better if I got up and undressed, before I went back to sleep. I climbed off the bed, pushing some books out the way, so I had some room to stand. Once on my feet, I decided that I felt hungry. It’s funny how you always feel hungry after a night of drinking. I moved into the small kitchen area, opened the fridge. I then remembered that I was supposed to go shopping the day before. All there was in the fridge were a couple of eggs, some cheese and a few cans of lager. My hand instinctively went for the lager. Then thinking better of it, I picked up the cheese. After searching round for a couple of minutes I found some bread. Then after searching round some more I found the toasted sandwich maker. Within five minutes I was sitting down in the living area eating some hot toasted cheese sandwiches.
I picked up an odd book I had found at an old fashioned book shop, the type of shop that seemed to have been isolated from the rest of the world and had refused to move with the times and the modernisation of the rest of us. I don’t really know why I had picked this book, it wasn’t the usual type of book I picked up at all. It was called "The Demon Within”.
Flicking through the pages I noticed several strange symbols,It seemed to draw me into it, for some reason I just wanted to read the book. I couldn’t put it down. It told of a young girl in Paris who had been ridiculed and mocked most of her life. Even her parents had said that she was an unwanted child, that she wasn’t normal, After years of being picked on she had retreated into herself and shut herself away in her house, having everything delivered and left on the porch. No one knew what she was doing and no one seemed to care, In her desperation to wreak revenge on the world for how she had been treated, she began to practice witchcraft, After several years she’d had her revenge on all the people who had wronged her over the years. She even began to look for someone whom she could bring into her life to keep her company and love her. For, no matter how much revenge she inflicted upon people, it never filled the hole of loneliness inside her. After a while, using her powers, she found someone to be her protector and care for her.
Funnily enough, I didn’t expect the book to have a happy ending. But reading in between the lines, I felt a sense of understanding towards the girl, and knew exactly how she felt. I could see all the similarities between her life and mine, For some strange reason, I wanted what she had. I wanted the revenge, I wanted to be loved. Maybe if I tried some of the things that were suggested in the book, things would eventually work out for me as well.
These thoughts were unusual for me, I had never been interested in anything supernatural before. I had actually shrugged it off as being old wive’s tales and wishful thinking, If it couldn’t be proved by science, it didn’t actually happen or exist. Maybe it was the alcohol still in me talking, maybe I was just pissed off still with my latest boyfriend. I don’t really know, but I flicked through the pages until I came to one of the spells she described that would allow me to speak to my guardian spirit. I thought that this would probably be the safest avenue to take in my first attempt at some form of magic.
I began rummaging through draws looking for candles. After several minutes I found three small stubs of old candles. Then after several more minutes of searching, I eventually found some chalk. Moving the furniture away from the centre of the room and throwing all the junk on the floor into the settee, I eventually had a clear area. The bare floorboards looked quite shabby now you could actually see them.
The book said that she drew two triangles, one inside the other. with a large enough area in the centre for her to sit.
This was silly, did I actually expect anything to happen? I was so glad that it was very early in the morning and that there was no hope of anyone coming round to see me, not that I ever had any real visitors. I just couldn’t believe that I was really doing this, going ahead and following these stupid ideas from someone else’s imagination. But, I still continued. it was like I was being controlled by an outside force, that I didn’t have a will of my own anymore.
After the triangles were marked on the floor in the centre of the room. I placed a candle on each of the three points of the outside triangle. Then I proceeded to light them. Once they were all lit I sat down cross legged in the centre of the triangle, with the book lying open on my right The darkness of the room seemed to close in around m smothering me with fear and anticipation. I had never felt so alone in all my life, I felt isolated, as if the rest of the world, let alone the other flats, didn’t exist. The next step in the book was to recite this strange prayer backwards. It was a prayer that I had never heard of before, written in strange language I had never seen. I stopped for a minute and read through the prayer in my head, so I had some idea of what I had to say. Then with the excitement starting rise,I began.

The words seemed to roll off my tongue as if I had known them all my life. As I spoke the words, somehow they seemed different to the words written in the book, but by this time I was past caring. It didn’t matter if something was driving me down this dangerous path. All that mattered was the thrill and excitement that I was feeling After I had finished reading the prayer nothing appeared to happen, My excitement dropped, bringing back the despair and the hopelessness, and the feeling that no matter what tried to do, I couldn’t get it right. My life was a disaster, I was useless, I couldn’t get anything right even if it was written down in front of me.
Then my eyes opened wide in surprise as the candle flames flickered and went out. I just sat there for a moment not really knowing what to do. Then the candles sprang back to life, but this time the flames were green, and gave off a misty green glow, Something was happening, and my excitement began to rise again. Maybe I wasn’t as useless everyone thought. Directly in front of me, just outside the, triangle, I saw a mottled grey hand start to rise through the floorboards. The hand had five long fingers, each finishing in an inch long nail, almost like claws. This wasn’t human. I sat rooted to the spot, as a green mist started to rise out of the, floor, totally covering the thing’s entry into this world.
When the mist began to clear, I saw this thing. It had the form of a man, but most definitely wasn’t. It reared seven foot high, each of the two arms were well muscled and the veins could be seen protruding out of the steel-like skin, the blood could be seen pumping its way along the veins, through the powerful body. Each of the two legs were the same, terminating in two large feet, and again, each of the toes finished with long, needle sharp nails or claws. It stood slightly stooped and down the centre of its back, it spine could be seen protruding out. With the skin pulled, very tight around its body, every bone and muscle was well defined, Like a skeleton with skin on, but a lot more powerful. The head was faintly humanoid, with a large jaw protruding out from its face, full of razor sharp teeth, In some respects it looked slightly like a dog’s nose and mouth. It’s spine appeared to run over the top of its skull to its nose. Its two ears could hardly be seen, two small openings pinned fully back to the side of its head. It just stood there looking from side to side. then its bright red eyes turned towards me, boring deep inside me. It didn’t really appear to see me but saw something else inside my body.
I was lost. this wasn’t what I had expected to happen, It just couldn’t be happening, Somewhere along the line. I had fallen asleep and any minute now I would wake up, Those eyes were staring straight into me, peeling back the layers to see what was hidden inside, I tried to move, but my legs wouldn’t respond, I just sat there staring back. my face fixed in horror.
Then it moved. stretching up to its full height, It started to flex its if it had just woken from a deep sleep, As it moved I noticed its penis, a thick. strong. twelve inch member, My eyes fixed on it, I couldn’t believe the size of it, my head started to spin, The thoughts I began to have didn’t fit the situation.I didn't know what was going to happen. and yet I was having erotic thoughts.
My mind suddenly snapped back. away from my thoughts. as its hand came down towards me, It grabbed the front of my best rubber dress. and lifted me to my feet, Its other hand came up. with one finger extended it placed its nail in my cleavage and ran it down to the bottom of my dress. which finished just above the knees, I don’t know how, but it actually didn’t break the skin. but sent a cold shiver up my spine, My dress flew open still hanging to my body where it ran over my shoulders, It looked me up and down, as if it was admiring my body, I wasn’t wearing a bra and my breasts were firm. and standing prominently from my body, Its eyes ran further down towards my suspender belt and skimpy black g-string I looked down and noticed its member was starting to rise and harden.

My mind was racing. What did it want from me? What was it going to do? Was it here to help me. or did it have some other strange purpose? I didn’t know, I had been expecting . I don’t know, more of an angel type person, something more normal looking, As these thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t take my eyes off this thing’s enormous member.
“Stop that! I’ve summoned you to help me. You will do as I say,” I said. hopefully with a much stronger tone of voice than it actually felt like. It j just cocked its head slightly to one side and looked at me, then it threw its head backwards and laughed. A deep, wicked. almost human type of laugh.
It grabbed my shoulders and spun me round so I was facing away from it. I then felt its hand grab the top of my dress, moments before it ripped it backwards off my body. It then pushed me forwards, so I fell, My hands went out to stop myself and came to rest on a chair, As I started to push myself back up a hand clamped around my neck, holding me down, Then I felt his member push forward past my g-string It was trying to enter me, I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. nothing seemed to be working. I was under some sort of spell.I was its rag doll to do with as it pleased.

Its thick member pushed forward again. trying to find my secret opening. I felt the end gently brush my lips. then before I knew what was happening, it entered me. Pain seared through my body. I thought I was going to rip. I felt the hard. thick. steel-like member inside me, forcing me to accept it. pleading with me to enjoy the pleasure it was about to inflict upon me.My sex was open wider than it had ever been. straining to accept this thing, My sex began to throb with anticipation. and. surprisingly. pleasure.

The beast started to pump, moving its member forcefully in and out,Driving it deeper with every stroke,I felt its balls slapping against my thighs. I even felt it harden more as the beast moved, My sex soon became very wet, and I was rapidly reaching my orgasm,It wasn’t slowing down. It was driving me even harder. ramming its member in and out, harder and harder. forcing me to accept my fate, Driving away any resistance I had left, I let out a cry of pleasure as I reached my orgasm. but it kept going, not even slowing down, Within seconds, I climaxed again, After my fifth orgasm I was starting to ache. it felt like my sex was on fire, I was ready to drop. I just couldn’t take any more. I hadn't got anything left to give the beast.Then it reared back, standing to its full height, lifting me by its member, a sudden gush of semen spurted inside me. The force of its ejaculation almost caused me to faint. it kept coming. I was overflowing and the sticky white substance was flowing down the inside of my thighs where it pushed past its thick member.

Then it released me, pulling its member forcefully out of my sore vagina, Before I could do anything it had grabbed my shoulders and turned me round, It now pushed me down to clean its still dripping member, I looked at it. it just wouldn’t fit. I couldn’t get all of it in my mouth, Its hand came down behind my head and pushed me forward. I didn’t have any choice, I started to move my tongue up and down its length. feeling the veins throbbing as I passed over each one, I stopped at the end and started to gently caress the end with my tongue. lightly biting every now and again, My hand came up and started to fondle its sack. I could only just manage to get both balls in one hand, Its member started to harden again, Then it pushed itself forward forcing my mouth to open wide and accept its strong tool of pleasure, Slowly. I began to move up and down the length of its member. trying not to take in the whole length, Then it started to push forward forcing me to open my mouth even wider and accept the whole length, Its member was warm and sticky. and I could taste the heat of its pleasure as its member throbbed inside my mouth. Then it stiffened and another force of semen shot inside me, I had no choice but to swallow, It didn’t let me go until I had swallowed every single drop.and its members soft red end was dry again.
Then it stepped back and began to scan my body up and down, I felt dirty. used and abused. but somehow I knew it hadn’t finished with me yet, I was still sitting on the floor trying to cover my sex and breasts, My sex was hot and had a dull throbbing ache. a mixture of pleasure and pain, It hadn’t asked me, it had just used me, I wanted it to leave, Then it began to move back towards me, I started to shuffle back on my bottom away from it.But still it came,its dominating presence looming over me, Again it lifted me back onto my feet. and before I could try and cover myself it spun me round, Not again. my sex couldn’t take it, the throbbing was still too strong. But it lifted its claw and cut away the g-string. Then pinning me back onto the chair by my neck again. it moved its hand roughly over my now exposed sex. Forcefully rubbing and lightly scratching my soft skin, Its finger entered me. the nail dug in slightly causing my body to stiffen.Then it was rubbing my clitoris with its nail. it started to ache. but I couldn’t control the pleasure that was starting to rise through my body. It pushed two fingers inside me, still moving them in and out. then with a sudden push it pushed its hand inside me, my legs quickly moved further apart as again it stretched me wide. Then, ramming its hand in and out, it again brought me to a climax.

When I climaxed I could see out the corner of my eye as it raised its finger up to its mouth. tasting my come. As if satisfied. it sank down to its knees and pushed its head between my legs and started to lick my come from my wide open sex. Its tongue was rough and caused me to wince now and again. Its tongue started to delve deeper inside me, making sure that it got all my juices. It paused for a moment as its tongue brushed against my clitoris, it was like being explored, as if it was discovering new territory, I felt like a laboratory specimen. It moved its tongue faster and deeper, I couldn’t believe how long its tongue was, it was pushing further in than anyone else had ever gone before. I was fast becoming excited again. Then it pulled out and stood up, I could see its member was fully erect again, ready to commence business.
It stood up and moved close behind me, I thought it was going to enter my sex again. but suddenly it pushed forward, entering me this time through my bottom. The shock was unbelievable, no one had ever entered me that way before. I wriggled trying to pull away, but it held me in a vice like grip, forcing me to accept what it was doing. It forcefully thrust forwards, each time driving itself deeper inside me. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting excited as it pushed harder and harder. My bottom started to hurt, then his hand came between my legs and forced their way into my exposed sex, It started to run two fingers in and out in rhythm with its thrusts into my bottom.
I soon climaxed, and not long after it also started to come, but as the beast came it pulled out of my now very sore bottom and finished it ejaculating over my back. It then bent down and started to lick its own come off my back. Then it turned me round and bent to kiss me. Before I knew what was happening it had opened my lips with its mouth, and deposited its come into my open mouth, I tried to pull back as its tongue darted down my throat, and I felt the strange lips and mouth pressed against me. It began to move its mouth downwards, always scraping its tongue backwards and forwards over my body, Then it stopped as it reached my breasts, and started to suckle each one in turn. I could feel its teeth start to dig into my nipples, strongly pulling on each one to force them to grow harder and bigger.
Then it pushed me down onto the floor. I lay helpless and exposed, unable to move as it pinned my arms to the floor. It then moved on top of me, forcing its steel like member back inside my eager sex. It began to thrust again, straining my sex, forcing my legs apart. No matter how I felt, I knew I wanted more. I wanted the whole length of the strong thick member. I wanted to feel it every time it moved in and out. It pumped up and down, driving me harder and harder, I started to come again and again. I must have climaxed seven times before the force of its ejaculation nearly knocked me unconscious. As it climbed off me, my body was still thrusting, wanting more. I lifted myself up, my hands moved to his member. It never seemed to go very soft or droop down, it always felt firm and ready for use. I started to masturbate this enormous member, running my other hand round its balls. I moved my head forward to take its length in my mouth again. But the beast moved backwards, away from my grip.

It just looked at me,studying every inch of my body, it appeared to smile. As it did so, it started to move downwards into the floor. I moved as if to try and stop it, but as my hand went out it passed straight through it. Within seconds it had gone. I heard a thunderous laugh, then deathly silence.

My body ached all over, I moved back into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror, and knew why. My body was covered in bruises. My sex was stretched and felt warm, it was also throbbing. either with pleasure or pain, I wasn't quite sure.

I looked round,and finally spotted the book.I picked it up with the intention of throwing it away, But I found myself starting to wonder, did the author realise what they had written, or were the words I had spoken actually the words written in the book, had it been intended to bring forth this beast? I stood there dumbly looking at the book. Was this beast I brought forward part of myself? Was it one of my dark desires that I kept hidden deep within my subconscious? Maybe I’ll never know for sure. But one thing I was aware of, was that I wanted it to happen again. I needed the brutal release of my own personal pleasures. Pleasures that I would never be able to tell anyone else. I also needed that thick, steel like member deep inside me,I knew I would never be fully satisfied by any normal person again. But it would be more fun trying. now I knew I had something at home which needed me as much as I needed it.

My thoughts were racing now I knew what to expect. Next time I would be ready for it. I would make its visits more interesting, and I knew it would find more ways than I could imagine to abuse my body.

My own personal Demon within. to fulfil even my darkest desires, and no one could take it away or spoil it. I think now my life is complete.