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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Evangaline
Part 1
The night was coming to an end, and it would soon be time to go back inside.

The cold desolate landscape that surrounded the castle was covered in several inches of snow and had been for the past three months. The mountains rose in the distance providing an idyllic curtain from the outside world. From here you could just make out the pass winding its way down the mountain sides, every now and again you would lose sight of it as it passed around another mountain. It was becoming harder to see as the mist started to creep up from the depths of the chasm which surrounded the castle. The stone bridge, with its two large dragon like gargoyles at the beginning, and large rough stones, each the size of a man's body, were also starting to disappear into the careless caress of the mist.

The breeze was blowing my hair around, not in any particular direction, just enough that it was starting to become uncomfortable. During the day my long black hair almost came down to my soft round buttocks. The tangled, almost spiky hair was deliberate, and annoyed my slaves immensely, as they could spend hours trying to get it look just as I wanted, spending several minutes on each strand, if I so wished. But then that was the beauty of being the mistress.

I turned sharply, the long white lace dress swished round, the black basque keeping everything in place. I thought of the fun I could of had if my slave had not tightened my basque up enough, and my breasts had wobbled. Unfortunately they were wise as to how many of these mundane things must be done correctly.

The swish of my dress had alerted the one slave I had with me. It was funny these days . Neither myself, or either of my two sisters, would ever travel anywhere without at least one slave. Gone were the days of freedom, when we walked out into the villages nearby or into the woods, without having to keep an eye open at all times for danger. The slave’s eyes immediately fell, and his forehead touched the floor. He was, of course, on all fours. He had not earned the status of being able to walk on two legs yet. Actually, no slave had earned the right to walk normally in a mistresse’s presence. His naked body shivered, and goose bumps could be seen. The red marks on his back served as a reminder of my displeasure with him the day before. The welts had been treated somewhere along the line by another slave. Anyway, I would soon be able to renew the warm, red glow of his inflictions again. It pleased me to see his member was still erect, despite the cold. It looked like it would soon be time to change this slave. He was almost too good. But, there again, he was clumsy, and it wouldn’t be long before he did something I could punish him for.
I moved back off the stone balcony towards the door, which led back into my private chamber. The click of my thigh length stilleto boots alerted my slave I was moving. He raised his head and proceeded to follow, on all fours of course.
Before I could take the two steps towards the door, it was opened, ready for me to enter. The glass panels of the door had misted over, and until the door opened, I couldn’t make out which slave had opened it for me. Then I saw her, it was Christina. As she knelt in the doorway, her beautiful body was framed against the warm glow of the candles from within. Her eyes were averted downwards and several strands of her long red hair fell across her face. Hidden behind her hair I caught a glimpse of a grin, her green eyes hinted at some wild scheme she was planning just with the hope of being punished. Her supple body was in perfect proportion, her small round breasts were firm, and protruded straight out, almost with a dignity that was unbecoming of a slave.
The room was warm, almost hot, but that was the way I liked it. I stopped and surveyed the room, checking to make sure that everything was in its correct place. The bed had been made, with the silk sheets neatly laid, without a single crease. The four poster bed had been polished, and the lace down the side had been tied back at each corner. My dressing table had been laid out, all ready for my slaves to perform their specific tasks. The plants either side of the inner door had been watered, as there were a couple of drops on the floor. The two large paintings on the wall still reminded me of my past. One day maybe I would eventually get rid of them.
Lying at the end of the bed, curled up on the white wool rug, deep asleep, lay Nathen. He was my third slave, and also the newest. He still wasn’t used to a slave's life, but that would soon change. I turned round. Daniel had shut the door and was waiting on all fours for the fun to begin. I now knew what Christina's mischievous look had been about.
“Daniel, go and wake him.” I ordered. Off he went, almost slipping on the polished wood floor. He gave Nathen a quick shake, and then stepped back. Nathen shot up. He even started to stand, and then remembered where he was. He quickly assumed the position, kneeling with his legs under his bottom, with his back straight, and head lowered. “Now then Nathen, something appears to be amiss here, doesn’t it?”
“ Yes mistress.” he very quietly replied.
“ Well then, do you see that water over there, that someone spilt when watering my plants?” He nodded a reply. “You can go and clean it up, using your tongue of course.” He started over towards the offending mess. “Stop.” I said with a slight whip-like crack in my voice. “Before you clean it up there is one other small problem. Your penis seems to have sagged a bit. We had better do something about that. “ He moved his hand to start masturbating, and recover a firm member. “No that won’t do. Daniel, you do it for him.”
Daniel moved forward, he sat back resting his buttocks on his feet. His hands went out. You could almost see the anticipation on his face. “No, use your mouth, you useless dog.” I said. The look of shock on Nathen’s face was wonderful, and showed he had not been in service for very long. Daniel then proceeded to take his penis in his mouth, and with strong forceful strokes started to bring Nathen’s penis back to life. Occasionally his tongue would dart out and make a quick sweep of the soft red end, just poking out above his foreskin. Daniel’s hands were behind his back, and every now and again you could see that he was tempted, to bring one forward to caress Nathen’s sack.
Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Christina. One of her hands had moved forward to between her legs. It was very slowly moving up and down, over her open sex. If she wasn’t careful there would be a trickle of moisture running down the inside of her leg soon. I’ll deal with her in a minute, I thought, first things first.
Nathen was starting to very lightly moan, and was having great difficulty in keeping his hands behind his back. I would have to stop this soon, otherwise he will have enjoyed himself. The end was now bright red and very moist. Daniel was also showing signs of enjoyment. His own penis was standing up very straight and showing signs of moisture running around the end. “All right that’s enough. Before both of you make horrible messes on the floor.”
Daniel sat up, licked his lips and waited patiently for his next task. Nathen turned and proceeded on all fours to clean up the spilt water.
“If I catch either of you playing with yourselves, I’ll send you down to the kitchens.” I told them. The kitchens were bad places even the slaves didn’t like to work. “Now Christina,” I said as I turned round. “I saw your hand move towards your sex. Now fetch me the studded paddle.” She hung her face in shame, although I knew she enjoyed the punishment far too much, no matter how painful it became. Christina moved away towards the cupboard. Her sweet buttocks swinging slightly from side to side as she crossed the floor. Her body was so soft and supple, with a slight tan. Later I would take her in my arms and enjoy that lovely body. As she reached the cupboard her hand reached up and turned the brass door handle. As the door opened you could see the array of paddles, whips, taws and many other objects of fun.

“While you’re there, you dirty little slut, bring the ball gag.” She reached out and lifted the leather harness off the shelf and the paddle off the inside of the door. She then turned and closed the door and proceeded back to me.

When she was in front of me I took the items off her.

“Turn round.” I said. She didn’t need to be told to lift her head, she was used to it by now. The leather harness fitted snugly over her head. Two leather straps running down each cheek. I took pleasure in sticking the hard rubber ball in her mouth. Her mouth opened wide as it struggled to fit the ball in. Then, pulling it tight round the back of her head, I proceeded to put a small padlock through the loop, sealing her into the gag until I deemed it fit to release her.

“Now stand up, and bend backwards over that stool. Let me see your precious sex open for all to see. I’ll teach you not to have fun when I don’t give you permission.” She quickly obeyed, so as not to annoy me further. She wobbled a bit as she bent backwards, her hands went down and clasped the stool legs.. As she did this I opened a draw on my dressing table and removed four leather cuffs and small padlocks. When she was in position, I bent down and fastened each of her wrists and ankles to one of the stool’s legs. Her back was now arched and her pink moist sex was gaping upwards for all to see.
“Now you little whore, let’s stop you playing with this obscene thing in public. Look it’s horrible, it’s all moist and damp, it looks like a thousand soldiers have been using it.” Then I struck the first blow straight on her sex. The studs struck home, I rested the paddle there, letting her wait in anticipation of the next blow. Then dragging the studded paddle down between her legs I lifted it again, and again it struck her wide open cunt. This time I was rewarded by a slight whimper. After several more strong whacks tears were running down her cheeks. I then pushed the paddle inside her cunt, her juices were starting to run quite freely now. Moving the paddle in and out, making sure I touched her clitoris each time , produced a groan. “Good job you’ve got the gag in, I wouldn’t want you to cry out.” When I removed the paddle her sex rose in anticipation of more. I then raised the paddle again ready to strike at her open sex, but instead started on her breasts. These soon became red with little dimples in them to show where the studs had landed.
“Now you can stay like that for a while and we’ll decide later if you are fit to do anything else. Or maybe I will let Daniel have a go at you.” By now I could feel the moisture between my legs had risen. There was definitely a wet patch to the front of my knickers, and I could feel a trickle running down the inside of my leg.
The power of domination was very arousing, the feeling of bringing someone close to ecstasy, and then stopping it at the crucial moment was exhilarating. I had almost come with the excitement and humiliation I had caused Christina to experience.
I decided it was time to bring myself back to the matter at hand. “Daniel, go and fetch my breakfast.” He then turned, and walked off on all fours. He moved with a sense of grace and purpose, his strong powerful muscles moving almost rhythmically. As I watched him move I started to feel my groin start to warm again.
Nathen had now finished his cleaning duties, and was studying Christina. You could feel his sympathy go out to her, but you could also see the mixture of horror and excitement that this could happen to him. “Nathen, stop gaping, and come and help me get ready.” I told him, with a slight smile. He immediately crossed the room, and stopped in front of me and sat up straight. I moved to my dressing table and sat down, Nathen followed behind. “Now brush my hair, you horrible little urchin.” He reached for the finely decorated , gold brush, and very gently started to brush my hair. He had a very loving and gentle grip, never too hard, but never to loose, so it would never be too easy to pull away. The thought that crossed my mind was weird. I was wondering what it would be like to be dominated by this slave. It was exciting imagining the wonderful things I had done to many slaves being done to me. These thoughts I would have to keep to myself, if my sisters found out they would be horrified, and only the devil knows what they would do. Anyway, it was impossible.

Nathen was brushing my hair this way and that, in an attempt to get it to spike up, when there was a slight tap at the door and Daniel walked in. He now wore a thick leather collar with two chains, each running to another thick leather strap around each wrist. His ankles also had thin leather bands round them, with a fine silver chain joining the two ankles together, so he could only walk with very short steps. He was carrying a delicately made silver tray. All that was upon the tray was a finely cut crystal goblet, the contents for which his mistress to enjoy.

“Nathen, get down on all fours. Daniel, now place the tray on his back.” I told the pair of them. Once the tray was placed on Nathen’s back, Daniel returned to his sitting position close to the inner door.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Christina wriggle every now and again, in a futile attempt to find a comfortable stance, not that she had any choice. She looked superb, the feeling of knowing how helpless she was, was exhilarating.
After I had finished my breakfast, I knew I would have to leave the sanctuary of my own private world and enter the much larger world of The Castle. It had for many centuries a forbidding feel and look to it. Although, over the centuries, it had become home to the three of us, and of course our many slaves. The place was a fantasy world where anything could happen, and usually did. The rest of the world left us alone, they dared not enter or come anywhere near the place. They accepted that occasionally, if people weren’t careful, they could vanish. They weren’t really sure if they ended up in the castle or not, but weren’t prepared to find out, so, they left us alone. The Castle over the years had, by all appearances from the outside, become a monument to horrors long past. The towers and walls were badly in need of repair, but on the inside it was immaculate. Slaves ran round, constantly cleaning and maintaining our home.
As I started towards the door, I turned. “Christina, you will stay there until I return. Daniel, you will clean the room while I’m gone, and Nathen you will come with me. Go and fetch your lead.” Nathen turned and moved to fetch the black studded collar and fine silver chain from the wall next to the door. I took them off him and fastened the collar around his neck. Then with a slight tug on the chain, proceeded towards the door. Daniel had already opened the door allowing me to walk through. As we headed down the long stone corridor, I heard Daniel close the door behind us.
At intervals down the corridor were alcoves, each containing a slave. These slaves had done something that either myself or my two sisters had disapproved of. They stood erect, with their wrists manacled behind their backs. Each wore a thick studded leather collar, and two leather ankle straps with a thin steel pole between them, forcing them to stand with their legs apart, with their sex open and vulnerable for all the world to see. Over their faces they wore leather straps terminating at the ball which had been placed in their mouths. The gags had become a necessity after too many of the slaves had started crying at night. Each male's member was fully erect. If any started to sag, a passing slave would soon help correct the situation. Each female’s nipples were hard and erect, standing prominently out from their bodies. Nathen was following quietly. To him they were a reminder of the ultimate punishment. They didn’t know how long they would have to stay there, or when one of the mistresses would remember and allow the slave back to their position. We usually didn’t remember particular slaves, but every now and again one would catch our eye, and later would be brought to us to use as we saw fit. Nathen's feeling of helplessness was complete, he followed, without me having to yank the chain for him to keep up.

As we made our way towards one of the great chambers, situated in the centre of the castle, I was wondering which slave Belinda would have with her today, or what fun and games Katherine had in store for the particular pets which we brought with us on this occasion. The morning's fun and games had almost become a ritual over the last few years, since our master had left us to go to England.

Belinda was the quiet sister, although her temper was legendary throughout the slave ranks. She tended to only have one slave at a time, but would soon get fed up and change them for a newer one. She always demanded total obedience from her chosen slave.

Katherine was the nasty one. She would fly up in the air at the slightest thing, just so she could punish whichever slave was closest at hand. She was the one which always had at least three slaves with her at all times, and the devil knows how many she had in her own private rooms. Most of Katherine’s slaves had continually glowing parts on their bodies. There had been a few which had to be taken away at times, so the welts could have time to heal a little.
We could now see the double doors leading into the great chamber. I was filled with a feeling of great anticipation and excitement, of the pleasures which the morning was sure to bring.

Part 2
We were entering the double doors now. I knew something was going to happen to me, the humiliation the sisters caused their slaves to enjoy was at times unbearable. I felt like standing now and running as fast as I could, back down the corridor. I just couldn’t stand another exhibition like the last time I came to one of the morning fun and games sessions.

I started to remember what life had been like before I was brought to the Castle. The sweet smell of the open air, being able to run free, and do as I wished and not as someone else desired. I was now just a toy, a plaything for these evil women, their every whim and desire must be carried out immediately, the consequences were at times unthinkable.

I remember when I was first captured. I was out for a walk in the woods with my fiance. We had been told by our elders not to go too far towards the castle, but we were young and most of the stories we were told were very hard to believe. The thought of anything happening to us was far from our minds. We had found a secluded glade, and were drifting off into our own private world, basking in each other’s total commitment and love. We were making small talk about our wedding plans. when she leaned over and gently kissed my lips, they parted slightly in response, and then my arms fell around her young supple body, pulling her towards me, She pulled away and we just lay there in the warmth of each other’s arms.
The silence had been broken when six young men, all totally naked, rushed from out of the woods. Before I could stand, three of them had grabbed me and spun me over, so I was laying face down in the grass. They proceeded to put manacles on me. My wrists were strapped together behind my back and then fastened to a heavy leather collar around my neck, Two leather straps were fastened to my ankles, and small padlocks were put through the steel rings, sealing my fate. I heard Martha cry out, this was soon stopped, We were both pulled to our feet, they were very careful not to actually hurt us, I looked at Martha. She was standing there with the same straps on as myself. I then noticed why she had stopped screaming. They had put a ball gag around her head, forcing her cries to subside. As we stood there, the six young men were talking to one another in hushed whispers. Then one broke away. “No they are not to be used or played with. Do you want to feel the mistresses anger or punishment?” he said. The rest looked at each other, and they all bowed and shook their heads, letting out a slight muffled “No.”
“What's going on? Where are you taking us? Please, we haven’t done anything, If you let us go we won’t say anything We’re supposed to be getting married soon. Please, let us go.” I was pleading with them, and I was scared. I could tell Martha was terrified. Her eyes locked with mine and were pleading for me to do something. I started to move towards the one that had spoken, and fell flat on my face. I hadn’t realised that my ankle cuffs were chained together.

They all laughed. I could feel my face begin to heat up with the humiliation. Then I realised, with my hands fastened tight behind my back, I couldn’t get up. The main man then said “Well we’ve a lively one here lads, Sorry mate, but we can’t let you go. If we returned to the castle empty handed, the mistresses would be very unforgiving, and I'm sorry but I don’t want to be punished again.” At the time. I thought no punishment could be that bad, The man stepped forward and grabbed my shirt, and with a strong jerk of his arm he tore it off. He then proceeded to rip my trousers off. Within seconds I was standing naked in the middle of the forest, My face was bright red, and to my astonishment, my member was fully erect, and even slightly damp on the end. The knowledge of being powerless to do anything, was tearing me apart.

This was the first time Martha had seen my body, her eyes were wide open in amazement. Then she froze, I could see the look of horror in her eyes, she started to take a step backwards, but before she could move the man had ripped her dress off. She hung her head, the shame she felt was worse than mine. Her whole body seemed to glow, her beautiful small firm breasts were standing out. She tried to cross her legs to hide the fine pubic hair cover her young unopened sex.
“No.” I heard myself cry. This was soon stopped by a ball gag being thrust into my mouth.
“Well mate, she’s a fine beauty. I could give her one myself, but unfortunately I don’t like the consequences. Maybe later one of the mistresses will give me permission.” The look of horror on Martha’s face jerked at every nerve in my body, but the bonds of restraint were too tight. I couldn’t move. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and tell her everything would be all right, just to hold her and comfort her. But I could feel my erection harden even more when I looked at her. She looked so beautiful, standing there totally naked, with her soft flesh glowing slightly. The thought that I could have done anything to her, and she couldn’t resist, couldn’t stop me, actually exhilarated me. No, this was wrong we must get away.
The main man grabbed me, and pulled me to my feet. “Right, move. That way,” he said. When we didn’t move, one of the others handed him a strap. He then gave me a strong sharp slap across my buttocks. The sting almost made me jump, but it certainly got me moving. I saw Martha start to move also, knowing that if she hadn’t she was going to receive the same treatment. Then the pace quickened. The strap kept coming, especially if we started to slow down, Martha as also now receiving the blows to her small round buttocks. I could see them start to glow, the lines were standing out quite prominently, and I'm sure mine was the same. It enforced our humiliation and knowledge of who was the master and who was the slave. Breaking our will, not giving us any time to think, just pushing us harder and harder, straight towards the castle.
When we had reached the castle they actually allowed us to stop. The large doors at the side of the castle were opened and another naked man had let us in, We had entered into a large finely decorated hall. There were many portraits of various people on either side and a red carpet ran down the length of the hall, ending at a large double door. There were several side doors leading off the hall.
I was pushed to one side and through the first door we came to. That was the last time I saw Martha, I know she’s still in the castle somewhere, but as yet I haven’t been able to find her.
The room I had entered was empty but for three other slaves the same as myself. The walls were bare stone, and it obviously hadn’t been cleaned recently. I turned round and noticed that my capturers had vanished. We each looked at each other. The others then proceeded to relate their story to me. and I did likewise for them.
We seemed to be in that room for days but it was only a few hours. The door opened and a female slave looked in. "Come with me, and don’t speak if you know what's good for you.” she said. Then she turned and moved away down the hall. We followed like lambs to the slaughter, not knowing where we were being taken, or what was going to happen to us.
We entered another room.There were two men and two women standing there. We were made to stand in a line in front of them. One person moved his hands in an attempt to try and cover himself. All he got for his trouble was the strap across the back of his hands, then one fierce blow between the legs. His legs than gave way and he fell.This didn’t go down too well. He was pulled to his feet and made to stand against the wall, One of the women then proceeded to use the strap quite vigorously on his sweet tight buttocks.
“Right you are now all slaves. Your time of service has started, and you will remain here for the rest of your lives. You are not allowed to talk in the presence of a mistress or superior unless told to do so. You will walk round the castle on all fours at all times. You must always be totally naked, and your members must always be fully erect and ready to service any of the mistresses when they require you to do so. Your duties will be whatever a mistress requires you to do, Other than that, when you aren’t directly in the service of a mistress, one of the organisers will tell you what to do. You will note that the organisers wear a red leather collar, and when you are not in the presence of a mistress you will obey an organiser. If you displease someone you will be punished. The punishment will vary, but you will find out about that soon enough.” He paused to let everything sink in. The look of disbelief on our faces told the whole story. none of us were prepared for this, could we cope. could we survive or was it possible to escape? Only time would tell.
The main spokesman stepped forward and started to tell each of us our duties. "You will be handed over to the trainers, to prepare you for the games, and to teach you how to behave properly.” He told me before I even realised it was me he was speaking to.
I was then pushed down on all fours, and a thick leather collar and lead were attached to my neck. I was led away, every muscle in my body had been screaming to stand up and run, but to where? I had no answer to this. I then decided that I would try and be the most perfect slave they had ever had. I know I hadn’t liked the way they had said punishment.
We proceeded through a maze of corridors, which seemed to be never ending. I remember wondering what had befell my beloved, and vowed to myself that someday we would be together again.
We entered a large hall, the walls were bare stone with various articles of correction hanging from hooks around the room. At the far end of the room there was a large rack, and to my astonishment there was someone on it. There were slaves moving around practicing all sorts of menial tasks, just to try and perfect them so as not to get into trouble with one of the mistresses. There were others to one side of the room. These had their wrists and ankles tied together and then hung from the ceiling Every now and again, a passing organiser would stop and give them a few strong blows with a strap or paddle. In the corner by the entrance I had entered by, an organiser was watching a man and woman make love. Occasionally he would stop them and tell them something, and then tell them to proceed again,
No one paid any attention to me, as I was led straight through the middle of the room to one of the side entrances, "Here, this is where you will live.” I was told. He then left me. The room was again bare and contained four very simple beds. Obviously I was not the only one who would live here.
The training had gone on for months. Occasionally I had been made to perform in the games.
On one of these occasions, fortunately. Mistress Vanessa had spotted me, and decide that she would like to use me as one of her personal slaves. That night I was moved to a small room inside mistress Vanessa’s suite. The room was very comfortable, and most unlike the slave pens downstairs.
But now I had no more time to remember. We had entered the great chamber and I was sitting at mistress Vanessa’s feet, I, very carefully trying not to draw attention to the fact, studied my surroundings.
I could see mistress Belinda sitting opposite my mistress, her slave was also sitting at her feet. She had changed her slave again since the last time I had seen her. A small angelic figure, she looked like she would break if someone decided to punish her.
Mistress Katherine was sitting to our left. She had one slave on all fours in front of her, and was using him as a foot rest. Another was at the side of her chair, and being used as a side table. He was a large man, in every department, his muscles had been finely tuned. He looked as if he would be more at home at the docks. There were two more slaves sitting quietly at the back of her chair, One was a slim, but very tall, coloured, female. She had a look of determination on.her face, as if no one could tell her what to do. The other was a small, almost boy. He couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old. He fidgeted occasionally, and I wished he wouldn’t, for I knew what the consequences would be if he was noticed.
The mistresses were talking about general things. Apparently there had been some new slaves brought in this morning and they were looking forward to seeing them. They also talked about the fun and games they had each had during the night. There was one piece of interesting information. A distant relative would be visiting in a couple of weeks, and they were planning a big banquet, with many games of interest to please the visitor,
Then Katherine noticed the young slave fidgeting I froze, knowing something was going to happen, but not what.
Katherine turned, her face had flared in anger. “You pathetic slave. All I told you to do was sit there, and you can’t even do that without fidgeting.” Her anger could be heard in her voice. The slave cringed, trying to make himself invisible. She yanked his chain, forcing him to fall forward on his face. "Now move over there into the centre of the room, and lie face down with your arms and legs spread apart.” She then stood up and told the black girl to fetch the whip that was on the mantlepiece. The girl hurried across the room to do as she was bid.
She then passed the whip back to mistress Katherine. It had a small handle in the shape of a penis, and had about nine lengths of leather trailing from the ball end of the handle. Mistress Katherine then proceeded to thrash the young slave. You could see the red lines appear across his bottom, but she wasn’t satisfied with this and started to whip his arms, legs and back as well. After a while you could see his small buttocks begin to rise slightly, waiting for the whip to fall,
I wanted to move away, to leave the room, but a part of me actually wanted the humiliation and attention that the young slave was receiving. Then all of a sudden Mistress Katherine stopped, “It looks like you’re beginning to enjoy this.” And as she spoke she rammed the handle end straight between his buttocks. sinking it up to the end of the handle inside him. He let out a slight whimper, more in surprise than anything else. She then started to move it in and out.
Only after a few thrusts, she withdrew. “Come here.” She said to the black girl, who promptly moved to her side. "Take this dress off, and hang it up, carefully.” Her long black dress was floor length and made from the finest french lace, The girl struggled for a second with the lacing at the back, in her hurry to please her mistress. But eventually managed to remove it.
Mistress Katherine stood holding the whip, I was surprised that all she had on under the dress was her stockings, suspenders and her thigh length leather boots. She stood tall and proud, with a stance that meant business. Before I could imagine what was going to happen next, my mistress was instructing me to do the same to her. As I proceeded to take off her basque and dress I saw that Belinda’s slave was also doing the same. As I took my mistresse’s leather thong off I noticed that it was slightly damp and sticky. I hurried to hang her clothes on the appropriate hook behind her chair. I then returned to her feet. and like a good little slave I bent and kissed her boot.
Now all three mistresses stood around the young slave, still spread eagled, face down on the floor, Each of the male slaves members were very stiff and firm. I just wanted to be taken, and make love to my beautiful mistress, but I knew this wouldn’t happen, I was going to be like the others, humiliated in the centre of the room and made to do things I couldn’t do in public.
“Up on all fours, you pathetic excuse of a slave, let’s see what the others think of you.” Mistress Katherine hissed. Then she pointed to one of her other male slaves, “You. Use him.” She ordered, The slave moved over behind the young man, he raised himself up on his knees, then he grabbed the young man’s thighs and thrust himself forward, As he entered, the young slave gave out a small cry. “We haven’t started yet. You’re going to be used by all the other slaves in this room. You’re nothing, you’re just a plaything for everyone else’s amusement.” Mistress Katherine said. almost gently, but you could still hear the malice in her voice. Her other slave was told to lie down under the young slave and clean his stiff member. As the slave moved into position, you could see the young slave’s member glisten in the light, his face told you he was having great difficulty in containing himself. The other slave then started to take strong deep sucks on the young slave’s penis, occasionally you could see the slave’s tongue come out, gently teasing the end of his member. One of the slave’s hands came forward and started to fondle the young slave’s sack, gently urging the slave to let go, to give in to his desire,
Mistress Katherine was starting to rub her open sex. You could see the tight knot a pubic hair round her sex begin to dampen. Then she stopped and turned to the black girl, “Come here, I need a bit of relief.” She snapped. The girl quickly moved forward and raised herself up, so she could look directly into her mistresse’s sex. Her tongue came out and started to carefully caress her mistresse’s open vagina. Mistress Katherine grabbed the girl’s hair and pushed her deeper into herself. The girl’s nose touched her clitoris as she proceeded to please her mistress.

Mistress Belinda had her pretty, young slave bent over her knee and was proceeding to spank her. Mistress Belinda’s legs were slightly apart, and I could see she was wearing a strap on penis, The penis was almost twice as thick as a normal one, and every time she brought her hand down on the girls perfectly round tight buttocks she forced the penis into the girl’s vagina, sometimes with considerable force, causing the girl to feel humiliated and excited at the same time. At each blow of the hand it brought a dull throb from her bottom and a build up of juices and arousement to her ready and willing sex, as it hungrily accepted the thick imitation penis.

My mistress had turned towards me. “Stop watching the others.” She snapped. “Concentrate on how you are going to please me. Now, stand up, and put your hands behind your back. When I had done this, she walked round me studying my whole body. My penis was fully erect, waiting to satisfy her. She reached down with one hand and started to caress my sack, her fingers ran gently up the length of my member, then her finger nail started to do a little dance over my member’s bright red end. It actually stiffened, I didn’t think it was possible to get any harder without coming all over her hand, I wanted to let go, to let my passion flow over her beautiful body. Then her finger nail started to push harder on the end leaving slight imprints each time. I let out a slight groan, “Oh no, you mustn’t do that,” She said, and immediately slapped my penis very hard. I nearly let go, I couldn’t keep this up, I was loosing control over my own body. She had total control, there was nothing I could do.

Then just before I couldn’t take it any more, she stopped. I wanted to tell her to carry on, I wanted to please her, I wanted to satisfy her. I could see her sex was open and fully wet now. Let me satisfy you. I thought, please. Then I was moved round until I was in front of the young man on all fours. My member was being pushed into his mouth. He took it greedily, sucking very quickly and strongly. No, I want to please my mistress, not this slave. Then, before I knew what was happening, mistress Belinda was thrusting her thick rubber penis into me from behind. She was excited, and started thrusting quite savagely. Then I came, the thick white cream of my excitement started to spill out of the young man’s mouth.
Mistress Vanessa had~ started to play with mistress Belinda’s slave, running her fingers over her open sex. The girl’s sex was starting to look a little red from the punishment that mistress Belinda had inflicted, But the excitement that mistress Vanessa was giving her was too much for her to even feel the pain, Then my mistress noticed the cream coming out of the young boy’s mouth. She then told the girl to collect it all up in her mouth and bring it back to her. As she waited for the young girl to return, she started to thrust the end of a whip inside herself, bringing herself close to orgasm. When the girl returned she told her to lick her sex and deposit the white cream deep inside her. The girl went down in front of her and started to gently lick her open sex, nudging her clitoris, and allowing the sperm to be sucked greedily into the open mouth of her passion. Then mistress Vanessa let go, a slight moan and her orgasm came thick and fast, allowing her love juice to come flowing readily into the girl’s open mouth, still gently sucking and teasing my mistresse’s sex.
No, my sperm had been spoiled, it had been used. She knew that I wanted to deposit it in her beautiful vagina myself, not through two other people. It was if she thought I couldn’t satisfy her, as if I needed to have help to bring her to an orgasm. I could have done that, I didn’t need any help. What would the other mistresses think? My mistresse’s own slave not being used to bring her to a state of ecstacy. I felt humiliated, used and then thrown away for someone else to complete what I couldn’t do.
The young man still kept sucking and caressing my penis with his tongue. Mistress Belinda was still thrusting me from behind. Every time she seemed to go deeper. and I could feel her wet pubic hair against my buttocks.
Mistress Katherine’s slave who was under the young man had a mouth full of sperm now. it could be seen dripping from the corner of his mouth, He was then told to come and see to his mistress. Mistress Katherine had bent over her chair ready for him. He stepped up behind her and thrust his enormous member into her tunnel of ecstacy. As he thrust forward she would bring the whip up between his legs, connecting viciously with his balls. “Is that as deep as you can go.” She asked. He kept thrusting, trying desperately not to come until he was told. Her vagina was soaking and a slight squelch could be heard as he with drew each powerful stroke. “Now you may let go the fruit of my passion.” With that he ejaculated, the expression of relief could be seen on his face. But before he could enjoy the release, mistress Katherine was sucking vigorously on his stiff member, before it went soft again.
Mistress Belinda turned me round and grasped my still very hard member, “Well does it still work? I noticed your mistress didn’t seem to want it.” Her words caught me just right. I was about to protest, but realised I mustn’t. She sat down on the edge of a chair and pulled me sharply by my penis, forcing it to enter. As I entered her I could feel that she had already had several orgasms. Her precious tight vagina hadn’t been entered yet today, but still her love juices were flowing freely. Her legs went up behind by buttocks forcing me deeper into her. The stiletto boots she still wore were digging into my bottom. I pushed harder, trying to stop them digging in so much. The stilettos moved, trying to find the hole between by buttocks. Then her head went back slightly, and she pulled back allowing me to ejaculate over her soft pink flesh. My ejaculation shot forward and fell round her breasts, and started to trickle down her beautiful body. Had I pleased her? I thought I had, but nothing was said, as usual. If I wasn’t dismissed back to the slave pens later, I had performed adequately at least. She looked down at me with impatience showing all over her face. “Well don’t you think you had better clean up your mess?” she hissed. I proceeded to lick up all my sperm from her body, lightly tickling her nipples with my tongue. I moved further down, gently letting my tongue caress her sweet supple body, When I reached her vagina I continued to suck it dry, I actually enjoyed the slight salty taste, the mixture of my sperm and her love juices brought a feeling of satisfaction, that I had been able to do as I was told, bringing my member fully back to life.
My mistress had had the young sweet black girl put a long rubber penis inside herself, and had then put the other end inside herself. I could see the pubic hair had become sodden as the two thrust backwards and forwards. The young black girl was also teasing my mistresse’s nipples with her tongue, and each of their hands were vigorously fondling each other’s buttocks, with fingers occasionally disappearing.
When they had finished, the young girl was made to clean my mistress, just the same as I was to mistress Belinda.
Now,we sat there, the three mistresses fully satisfied with us all but the young man, who was again lying on the floor.
Mistress Katherine called out, and a slave appeared from behind a hanging rug. “Remove him, he needs more training. Take it down to the kitchens,”she said,pointing down at the young man, “and let the slaves down there play with him. That should teach it to behave in his mistresse’s presence,” The young man was then dragged off through the opening behind the rug.
“I’ve got things to do.” said mistress Katherine, and with that she got up and headed for the door. Her three remaining slaves proceeded to follow.
“I bet she’s gone to find another slave.” my mistress said to mistress Belinda.
“Yes.” she replied, “Come, let's go and have some more fun, I'm still not feeling fully satisfied.”
The last comment shot through me. All my best efforts weren’t what she required. I could feel everyone laughing at me, looking and thinking how useless I was, I wanted to crawl away, but there was no escape. I just had to sit and wait, and hope they would let me try again. I could satisfy you, I thought, try me again, tell me what you want.
But before I could ponder anymore. a collar and lead had been placed around my neck, and one around mistress Belinda’s slave’s neck, and we were being led away again deeper into the castle.