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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Evangaline
I moved into the top flat of the apartment building as soon as I was old enough to leave home. Not that my home life was bad or anything, just that I wanted my own space, I wanted to be alone. My parents had thought that I was moody and wished that I would go out in the evenings after school and play with friends, instead of shutting myself in my room. They didn’t understand I was happy on my own, I had my music and artwork, a bit morbid at times for them, but that was what I liked. At times, when I was younger, my mother would push me outside and try and force me to go and play with the other children. My father hit the roof when I first came home with bright blue hair, and my nose pierced. He grounded me for a time, but as time went by they began to accept that I was normal, even if I was a bit different from other children. I still see my parents from time to time, although living a hundred miles away in a city, and not the country kind of puts them off visiting too often.

The apartment was dark and slightly cold as I got out of bed. I quickly ran into the bathroom and showered. The hot water almost scalding me as I revelled in the hot water and steam, bringing me back to the land of the living, for a good fifteen minutes. I dressed in a pair of old, black jeans and a baggy sweater over a t-shirt. I collected my bag of essentials for the office, and moved to the door. As I passed the window, I looked down. My friend across the street was still there, he was always there staring up at me. At times I felt he was my Guardian Angel, always present, and ever watchful. Just seeing him was reassuring, he always made me feel that I was never alone. I blew him a kiss and left the building, heading for the nearest subway and the inevitable fight through the rush hour crowds.

Work was a bit of a drag at the moment, the holiday season was just starting and the work had slowed down to a reasonable pace, at times you could be twiddling your thumbs for a couple of hours, just waiting for the designers to finish their over indulgent designs, ready for us more sensible people to put the ideas together in a more realistic form on the computer.

Finally the day finished and I could return home.

“Jes!” someone shouted from the other side of the room. I stopped and turned round and saw Rebecca approaching. “You going to the party tonight?” she asked. Rebecca was a relatively new girl in the office and, for some reason, had picked me to be her best friend. That’s not to say I didn’t like her, but at times if someone clings to you too much, you can tend to get a bit fed up of them.
“I’m not sure yet. I have a picture at home that I’m painting and I want to get it finished.” I replied. It was one of those pompous office nights out, where everyone in the office goes out on trip through all the local bars, until you keel over. Realising that she wasn’t going to let me get away with not going, “I’ll come for a while but I’m not staying all night.” I said.
“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

I quickly turned and left the office. By the time I reached the apartment it was fairly dark, and in this neighbourhood there weren’t many street lamps still working. I bolted and locked the door once I was inside. After removing my coat, I moved into the kitchen, and picked one of those all in one meals and put it in the oven to heat for a while. I made myself a black coffee and moved to the window, to say hello to my friend.

He was still there, sitting in his alcove about half way up the tower. The gargoyle looked so peaceful, no worries, not a care in the world. The small church was centuries old, and for some reason it had survived intact for all this time. Even when they had built the city they had appeared to build it around the church. It looked so out of place, surrounded on all sides by run down apartment buildings. It must be the only building in the block that had never been vandalised. Just below my friend’s alcove was a large, circular stained glass window of an angel with strange symbols around the edges and flames just reaching up from the bottom of the window, trying to reach the angel but it was just out of reach. The small church had a gothic appearance, with many stone faces carved into the stone just below the roof, and a porch jutted slightly out at the front with stone steps leading up to two large, arched wooden doors. As far as I was aware, the church was never used anymore, and the doors were sealed.
The place gave me a sense of safety, wether it was just my friend, or wether it was the whole building, I was never quite sure. All I know is that when I look at the building, I get a sense of contentment. I have tried moving away from the area. A few years ago I decided that I wanted a better apartment, I found one, slightly closer to the office and in a much better neighbourhood. But after only a few months I couldn’t stand it, I had to be near my friend and the church. It was like my life wasn’t complete and there was something missing. My landlord was so happy when I asked for my old apartment back. He said he could rent out any of the other apartments, but that one was different. People would take one look and say no, it wasn’t right, without even going inside. It actually worked in my favour, as he dropped the rent slightly. As soon as I walked in, I had a feeling that I was home, this was where I was meant to be. The gargoyle even seemed to look up and smile when I looked out the window to say hello.
The oven pinged and brought me back to reality. I slowly forced myself to move away from the window and get something to eat. After I had eaten it was time to get changed, ready for this confounded party. I slipped into one of my black, lace dresses, and lightly back combed by long, black hair. The fancy make-up took a little longer however, but within an hour I was ready. I pulled on a long, black cloak hiding my appearance from the casual prying eyes of the street, waved goodbye to my friend, and disappeared into the night in search of the bar we were meeting in.
As soon as I walked in, I heard Rebecca’s voice. By the sound of it she had been there for quite some time. “Jessica, you made it? I’m so glad. What do you want to drink?”
“A Bud’ will be fine.” I answered, letting my eyes run round the bar to see who else had turned up.
We ended up drifting through several different bars, I stayed a lot longer than I had first intended. But with the amount of drink Rebecca kept buying me, I didn’t really care after a while. A couple of lowlife creeps tried to chat me up in one of the bars, and after one of them got a pair of wet trousers, and our hasty retreat, they got the message. Some where along the line myself and Rebecca seemed to loose the rest of the group, and we ended up in a club that I actually like to frequent. Most of the time on these office get-togethers you end up going to bars that you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in.
I noticed an old boyfriend of mine and steered Rebecca in a different direction. After a while, as Rebecca was getting some more drinks in, a couple of lads popped up in front of me, with some pathetic chat up line. Rebecca quickly returned, I think she saw them come over and start talking to me. We chatted for a while, mainly about music. I don’t like to go into personal details as soon as I meet someone new. They were definitely new to the club as well, a bit naïve and young, but with the amount I’d had to drink it didn’t seem to matter. After a while we found a quiet corner to sit down. I don’t know what the lads were expecting but they just looked at each other with those stupid grins on their faces, when they think they have scored.
No sooner had we sat down than Rebecca had her hand down her bloke’s trousers. I could see the bulge before we had sat down, but now it looked as if it would burst out at anytime. Her hand moved up and down rapidly inside his trousers, straining the zip at the front. Both lad’s eyes nearly popped out. The lad next to me leaned over and we started kissing, his hands started to experimentally roam the curves of my body, gently squeezing here and there. I knew the corner that we had chosen was quiet, but Rebecca was taking things to extreme, and for a second I thought she had vanished and left her lad on his own. Then I realised that she was under the table, and the lad’s zip was undone. Her head moved backwards and forwards slowly at first, and then a lot faster. The lad was in pure heaven, he had this really stupid grin on his face and looked like he was having a lot of difficulty controlling himself. I’m sorry, call me prudish if you like, but I would not do that in public, no matter how drunk I was. I let my hand slide inside my lad’s trousers. His penis was hard and ready, it was already very damp and sticky. Without much effort, I brought him to a quick climax, which must have made it uncomfortable inside his trousers, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. In all his excitement he had forgotten to even attempt to get inside my knickers. After they had both exploded with pleasure, they excused themselves so that they could go and tidy themselves up a bit, saying that they would be back in a minute to walk us home.
I had other ideas. As soon as they were out of sight, I said “Come on, let’s go. I don’t want them to take us home, I don’t even fancy mine that much.”
“Alright, I’m not that bothered either, it was just a bit of fun.” Rebecca replied.
We stood up and quickly left, laughing gently as we thought of the lad’s faces when they returned to find us gone. They must have thought they had struck really lucky tonight.
“I only live around the corner, do you want to crash on the sofa tonight?” I asked Rebecca.
“Alright, it is a bit late.” She replied.
We headed off arm in arm, giggling like silly little school girls who had just got away with pulling a stupid prank. Within fifteen minutes we were inside the apartment. The kettle was switched on, and I was showing Rebecca my gargoyle friend.
“Ugly, isn’t he?” She said.
“No, I don’t think so. I think he’s kind of cute in strange sort of way.”
“Yeah, right, a very strange sort of way.” She said laughing.
We talked for ages, I told her how I felt drawn to the church, and that it gave me a sense of belonging and comfort. Every couple of years the windows would glow bright red and yellow, as if the inside was on fire. The first time I had seen it was not long after I had first moved in and I had called the fire department, but when they arrived all was quiet again, and they told me that they had seen nothing to indicate that there was, or had ever been, a fire inside. I had even been down to the church on several occasions, to look around, but unfortunately I had never been able to get inside. I sat in reflection for a while, after I had told her. Why was I telling this person about my church? I didn’t know her that well, and I had never told anyone before, not even my last boyfriend.
“You’re obsessed.” she said. “It’s only a church.”
“I know, but I feel that there is something very special and different about this one. I don’t know why or how, but it is, I can feel it.”
Rebecca leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips. I about jumped out of my skin with shock. She just sat there next to me smiling allowing me time to contemplate what she had just done. She stood up and moved to the kitchen. “Want another coffee?” she asked.

I was speechless, I just nodded in reply. This was a turn of events. Not more than an hour ago she was under the table in a nightclub, giving some lad that she had only just met a blow job. I had never even thought about being kissed by another woman, let alone actually having it happen. After the initial shock I thought about it, and I wasn’t sure wether I liked it or not.

She came back, placed the two cups of coffee on the table and sat down beside me. I didn’t know wether to move away or just sit there. She placed her hand on my thigh, “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” she said.
“I don’t know wether I do or not.” I replied.
She leaned forward and kissed me again, a little longer this time, and I felt myself starting to respond to her. Her hand started to move, gently rubbing my thigh. She sat back for a moment to see my reaction. Was this right? Did I want to do this? I didn’t know, it was happening too quick for me to think properly, especially with the amount of alcohol I’d had to drink throughout the evening.
She kissed me again, and this time I responded. Her hand moved down and lifted the bottom of my dress. I felt her hand move up my leg, my body shivered slightly as her cold flesh touched my bare leg at the top of my stockings. Her other hand moved to caress my breasts, gently squeezing, and pinching at the nipples through my dress. I felt my body begin to respond. I moved my hand to clumsily fondle her breasts, and soon discovered that her nipples were already erect with anticipation. Her hand came out from under my dress, where it had been hiding, and guided my other hand down the front of her skirt, and slowly encouraged me to rub her sex. I felt her dampness through her skimpy knickers, as I slowly rubbed, pressing harder and harder as I moved my hand. Her own hand disappeared again under the folds of my dress, searching for my pleasure source. As her hand moved to rub my sex, she discovered that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. She gently rubbed, searching my secret pleasure zone. Then her fingers decide it was time to explore in more depth. I moaned softly as I felt her cold fingers massage and delve deep inside me.
I moved my hand inside her knickers and returned the compliment. She expressed her pleasure by pushing her fingers deep inside and moving them faster. Then her hand came out, and she slowly pulled away from my embrace to crouch down on the floor and let her head disappear up under my dress. Her tongue started to explore my sex, gently kissing and rubbing my clitoris. I reached down and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, my hands moved round her body to clasp and caress her breasts.
She soon brought me to an exhilarating orgasm. As she reappeared from my dress, she stood up and very slowly started to remove her skirt, performing a slow sexual striptease for my enjoyment. As she removed her knickers I saw how damp she already was, and getting down on my knees I lifted my head, allowing my tongue to taste another woman for the first time.
We both finally ended up in my bed, not that we managed to get much sleep. We experimented with a whole assortment of positions and techniques, bringing each other to many heart-warming orgasms throughout the night.
Fortunately it was Saturday morning and we didn’t have to go to work. Rebecca brought be breakfast in bed, and we lay there talking, mainly about trivial things. By midday, Rebecca announced that she had to do some shopping, but asked if she could come back later. I had to think about that for a few minutes, I wasn’t sure what my sexual tendencies were anymore. I knew I still fancied men, but after last night, women took on a whole new appearance. I asked her to leave it today, but to give me a ring on Sunday. She looked a little disappointed but I think she realised that I needed some time to reflect on the previous night’s activities.
She kissed me goodbye, and we nearly ended up starting again. But she finally left, and I sat down with a cup of coffee to sort my thoughts out in my head.
I sat by the window and looked down at my friend. He seemed to look sad and distant.
“Don’t worry” I said “I haven’t changed, just probably grown.”
There was a nagging feeling in my head, something seemed to be calling to me. I don’t know what it was or why it was happening. I unconsciously moved to the door and left the flat. I didn’t even lock the door, somehow I knew that I wasn’t coming back.
I moved without thinking, or really knowing what I was doing, I crossed the street and as I started to climb the few steps to the church, entrance the doors slowly creaked open, just enough for me to easily move through. Something in my head screamed at me to be scared. But strangely, I felt calm and peaceful.
As I was guided down the main isle I noticed a figure, standing with his back to me, at the altar. As I approached he turned round, and his wings spread wide behind him. I stopped dead, not knowing wether to turn and run or proceed. The gargoyle tilted his head in an inquisitive sort of manner, studying me. Neither of us made any move to approach the other.
“It’s you. But you’re just a stone gargoyle.” I said.
“Yes.” a deep musky voice replied. “But not just a stone gargoyle. I will endeavour to explain to you why you are here. Then you will have a choice, and that choice will be yours alone.”
“Many years ago my people came to Earth as servants to the ancient ones. You will know them as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Over the years my race has had various different shapes, but we were brought along by our masters to guard your planet against the evil that lies hidden below the surface. Your people tend to refer to it as Hell. And, before you ask, yes it is a real place. Deep inside this planet is a race of beings who feel that it is their right to rule the surface. If this should ever happen then, unfortunately, most of the people who live on the surface will die, and the rest will suffer unimaginable horrors.

“Anyway, we set up a series of sentry points around the world to try and guard your people against the horrors. Occasionally, the odd demon has slipped through, one of the most famous was Jack the Ripper. But we did eventually catch him. Our master’s gifts to this world were however, not enough, they wanted more, they wanted total control and domination, and your race wouldn’t allow that to happen. Eventually they left yor planet, and it was decided that it wouldn’t be worth their time for more to come. But my race were forgotten, because our skin is what you call stone, people took us as ornaments, and some stone masons started to copy us. We learnt over the years that it was better to become static, with a minimal amount of activity and only when no-one could see us. Unfortunately not all of my people thought this should be the case. We were sent to help your people, so why would they want to hurt us? But to them we were creatures not of this world, and therefore, evil. So slowly we stopped moving around the world and we each took up a position, where we could help the most and also be able to contact others of our kind if the need ever arose.”
“But what has this got to do with me? and why are you telling me this, and not someone with more authority?” I asked.
“Well, here at this church, every two years, an attempt is made to break through into your world, and my job is to stop them. I have a little help. During the hours of darkness I have the ability, when needed, to obtain help from, what you would call dead people’s souls. They have moved on into the next plane of existence, but this does allow them, if required to come back. And I have the ability to communicate with them, so they know when they are needed. As for you my child, my life is coming to an end, I have known this for several years, and I have been searching for someone to take my place.” the gargoyle stood and looked at me. I was stunned. I wasn’t sure quite what to say, or even if I was ready to believe what he was telling me. But there again, I was standing here talking to a gargoyle. Was I dreaming?
“But you’re stone and you have these powers. I can’t fight demons, I’ve no training in self defence, or anything.” I replied.
“But if you decide to take my place I will give you all the tools you will require.” He answered. He took a few steps closer, I could hear my heart pounding, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but still I was unsure.
“How will you give me the weapons I need to fight?” I asked.
“Once you become one of my race, your life will change forever, you will never be able to go back to what you are now. No one else can make this decision for you.” He conveyed an appearance of being concerned, whether he was or not I wasn’t sure.
“Why now?” I asked.
“I had to wait until you were ready. There were things about yourself that you had to discover for yourself, your sexuality was one of the final things left for you to understand. For you to become the guardian we must couple, only my seed passed directly into your body will allow this to happen.” He looked bashful as he tried to explain, that he needed to have sex with me for the transformation to take place.
“Is this possible?” I asked.
“To be honest, I don’t know I have never attempted to couple with one of your people. Over the years I have studied your people for centuries, and the sexual differences are unnoticeable.” He took a step closer. I could feel his warm breath on my skin as he stood less than two feet in front of me. My eyes dropped so as not to meet his deep red eyes, and I caught sight of his penis for the first time. As I watched, it started to harden and rise.
He reached out and lightly touched my cheek. Then his other hand went behind my back as he softly pulled me closer. As our bodies met I felt his stone penis pressing between my legs. He undid the dress I was wearing and let it drop to the floor, leaving me totally naked before him. His hands started to caress my body. His dry lips kissed my neck, and as he kissed he nipped the skin drawing a thin trickle of blood. I was sinking deep into his warm embrace. I knew that he could do with me as he wished. I fought my feelings for a short while, but then I could resist no more, I let my hand drop between his legs, I had to feel his large, stone penis. It felt like stone, unyielding and strong. As I touched it, it twitched and seemed to grow even more. He dropped his mouth to take my breasts between his lips, and gently letting his pointed tongue guide him, he caressed and kissed them.
His stone skin felt hard beneath my fingers, yet it gave under the pressure of my touch. I pulled him closer, letting my hands explore his behind, feeling his hard penis pushing against my wet, and eager sex. I wanted him to enter me, I wanted to feel his penis pushing me wide, driving hard, deep inside of me. We were locked in an embrace of passion, fighting our sexual needs, holding off the final act until each of us was ready.

Then he slowly pushed himself inside me, my head flew back as the pleasure swept over my body. We had both been waiting for this for years. My life finally felt complete. As he moved in and out, I felt his wings expand, and as he lifted us off the floor I brought my legs round his body driving his penis deeper inside.

We finally climaxed floating high in between the rafters of the church ceiling. My body jerked and convulsed as he kept pumping, my body kept drawing him in, I felt his release deep inside, but I wasn’t ready to let go, I wanted more. Our bodies joined, we had almost become on.

After some time he slowly took us down until my feet touched the floor. Before I knew what was happening my eyes were closing as I lay down on the stone floor of the church, and drifted away into my dreams of pleasure.
When I finally awoke again I found I couldn’t move. I nearly started to panic, before I realised that his wing was covering my naked body, protecting me. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.
He lifted his head slightly and gave a gentle smile.
“I feel no different.” I said.
“No, it will take time. But for now I will be with you and be able to guide you.” He answered.
Over the next few months we lived together in the church. My skin hardened and eventually turned to stone. He taught me the skills I would need to be able to protect myself.
He explained to me why sexuality was so important. I know had the ability to change sex, depending upon the situation I found myself in which probably explained why I had never noticed his genitalia until that night. It also explained how his race had survived for so many centuries as single creatures, hidden in the night.
I did, however, get a chance to tell Rebecca that I was sorry, and that is was not her fault, but I had to go away and I wasn’t sure when I would be back. She has since moved into my old apartment, and sometimes at night I would fly up to the window and watch her, wishing I could just hold her for a while. One day, when my friend has gone, I will probably tell her.
My parents weren’t very happy, but they knew I would do what I wanted, no matter what they said. I felt sorry for them, because eventually they would realise their daughter had vanished off the face of the Earth, and no matter how hard they looked, they would never be able to find me.
My relationship with the gargoyle has grown, we have become very close, and I am not looking forward to the day he dies. He seems no different to me now than the day I first set eyes on him. But he assures me that the time is approaching rapidly.