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written by: Malachi Constant
Constance glared at the grandfather clock. “Where is that silly maid?” She stomped upstairs, shouting behind her “Maud, come along, you have to help me dress for dinner. How many times do I have to call you?” “Sorry milady” called Maud stumbling up the stairs after her.Constance bustled into her room still cursing the day her husband took it upon himself to appoint her a personal maid. She did, however, have a soft spot for Maud, she was really pretty with big brown eyes, sensual full lips and an hourglass figure but at the same time she was just so clumsy!
With hands on hips she frowned as Maud tripped into her room, gave a sheepish grin and pushed her mop of unruly hair out of her eyes. “Goodness” she panted “I didn’t realise that was the time.”
“Yes, so I see” Constance replied curtly, “nevertheless you are here now so please, may we begin getting me dressed?”

Maud giggled nervously and pushed her hair out of her eyes again. Constance disrobed and stood naked admiring her body in the ornate mirror. She caught sight of Maud glancing at her bottom. “Do you like my body Maud, I particularly like my breasts, what do you think?”

Maud blushed deeply and laughed nervously hiding her face behind her hands. “Well, what do you think?” repeated Constance. Maud collected herself and looking Constance straight in the eyes said “I think your bottom looks delicious” and then hid her face again.

This comment made Constance thrill, her quim buzzed with excitement and her heart beat quickened. “Why, thank you Maud” she smiled, turning her bottom to the mirror so that she might also admire it.

Constance sighed, went over to the bed and threw herself backwards, lying with legs slightly apart, whilst Maud was busy collecting her clothes for the day from the wardrobe. As she watched Maud bending over to pick up the garments, Constance idly played with herself, parting her cunny and gently stroking herself. “Today Maud, I want to wear my black basque, black stockings and due to our current clement weather no cumbersome underwear at all under my best black dress! Get my things right away, and be quick about it!”
“Yes Madam” came the maid's reply.
Constance was feeling a mixture of gentle arousal as well as irritation towards the generally erratic movements of the maid. As Maud got down onto her knees to fetch a selection of stockings out of the bottom drawer of the tall boy, Constance began to wonder what it was that this slip of a girl was wearing herself. Constance noted that the maid didn’t bat an eye when she had told her to fetch Constance's most daring and, some would say, shocking garments. A lot of maids would have coloured red in the face at the mere mention of such clothes. After all Constance herself had commissioned the clothes to be made by the finest of all of Paris’s designers, knowing them to be the same ones who furnish the famous can can girl's wardrobe, whose only function is to excite the male senses!
As Maud moved around, the hem of her dress rose a little and Constance could see a beautifully turned ankle encased in sheer black. “Maybe this little minx has a similar outfit on under her work clothes, I do not wonder!” Constance thought to herself.
Eventually Maud found the black basque which was indeed a lovely item to behold. Exquisitely boned with the finest whalebone and trimmed with delicate frothy black lace. As Constance eased her heavy but firm breasts into the almost transparent material she felt her nipples harden with arousal as she caught a glint of admiration in her maid's eye. Swiftly Constance’s stockings were smoothed onto the lady’s long elegant legs and attached to the necessary garter straps. “Maud, fetch my highest and shiniest black ankle boots, I wish to see what effect they have on this sumptuous outfit, then you can lace me up.”
Maud scurried off to find the boots in question and Constance again cursed her husband for picking such a troublesome creature of a maid. “If she does just one more thing wrong, I swear I will punish her most severely.” Constance thought to herself. After waiting several minutes longer than the Lady of the house deemed necessary for such a task, Maud arrived with the sleek high heeled boots much admired by those appreciative of such things. “For goodness sake girl, what on Earth has taken you so long!?” Constance demanded. Maud replied in her defence that there were so many boots and shoes belonging to her ladyship that she wasn’t sure which ones were required!
Constance sat down upon the cool covers of the bed revelling in the sensation caused by the fact that she as yet had still not put on any underwear.

Her maid dropped to one knee and with surprising delicacy placed the boots upon the shear black encased feet. Constance liked this position - a person at her feet. “I deserve this attention always!” she mused.

Her gaze fell upon the rise and fall of the girl's chest. This unkempt girl hadn’t buttoned up her collar properly and Constance could view with relative ease the swell of Maud's breasts. “Another black mark against this girl”. Constance thought. After the boots were fitted, the Lady of the house stood erect in the full length mirror in order to admire herself. She looked more than good for her age, she looked positively stunning. At 35 years old she had the 36.24.36. figure of her late teens, bouts of strenuous lawn tennis had kept all her muscles trim and tight. Her long raven black hair perfectly framed her beautiful oval face. She had taken a lot of effort to avoid the worst excesses of the sun. As a result her skin was almost alabaster white. She liked what she saw, the scandalous black clothes set everything off in a most provocative manner.

“Now girl, lace me up!” Constance commanded. The lady enjoyed the tight feeling of the stays as they were pulled by Maud. The feeling only continued to make her aware of her own body’s appearance and the effect it would later have upon her husband who she was meeting for lunch in a few hours. Hopefully they could steal a little time together in the privacy of the restaurant's gazebo.

Then it happened! That stupid maid pulled too hard and too suddenly and pain seared her delicate skin. Constance’s patience snapped! “You really are the most useless maid I have ever had” bellowed Constance, “look at yourself, you are so disorderly, your hair is an unmanageable mop! How do you expect to attend to my needs when you cannot keep yourself neat. I am tired of your slovenly ways my girl”. All of Constance’s irritation came out and was directed upon the sobbing girl. In a trice Constance had sat down again upon the bed and had pulled the maid down with her and across her enticing legs. Then in a sweep of her hand had pulled her skirts right up over her head. Constance rained smack after smack down upon the knickered bottom of her errant maid, Maud squealing constantly.
“I have had enough of you now my girl, and I will teach you a few lessons you will never forget!” Constance shouted. The saucy maid was wearing similar black stockings as Constance herself, which only again inflamed the lady’s annoyance with her maid. On the spot Constance decided that smacks would hurt more if the relative cover of the maid’s underwear was removed. This she did by ripping the fabric away from the quivering bottom cheeks of the girl until the maid's split peach of a bottom was on display. More blows were delivered to those reddening twin orbs causing the maid to cry and sob, begging the mistress to stop. Eventually Constance slowed the speed and vigour of her assault until with each blow she let her hand linger upon Maud’s cheeks. Constance’s heart was pounding with excitement as she looked upon her handiwork. Maud’s backside was as hot and as red as a burning coal and she was lifting her bottom up each time to receive the attentions of Constance’s hand. “The girl is actually enjoying this!” thought Constance, but then again she herself found that she was being transported along on a river of lust. Constance looked at the parting cheeks of Maud’s bottom and could see the now open, red and sumptuously wet vagina absolutely begging for attention, any attention. Constance, almost out of control with desire, pulled her maids clothes off until all Maud was wearing was her stockings and a minuscule red silk corset which did absolutely nothing to contain her ample breasts. “Bend over upon the bed with your bottom high in the air my girl!”

“Oh please my lady, I will improve my appearance and, and, I won’t be so slow, or, or, so clumsy.” Maud stammered. “Do as you are told!” came the curt authoritive reply. As Maud bent over the bed, her cheeks parted, Constance could see the volumes of cunt juice as the sexy stuff almost seemed to be running from her. Her neat pubic thatch was soaked and the lips of her joy hole were open and thick with arousal. Constance began to lick the burning bum cheeks of the humiliated girl in order to salve the sensation that the lady herself had caused. She worked her sensual and wicked tongue all over the half moons of the girl's bottom, covering every inch with saliva. She could feel the girl quivering and moaning with now open desire.
“Oh Mistress, oh mistress, you are making me feel like a wanton!” Constance could hear Maud blubbing. She was still annoyed with the girl. “The trollop has the audacity to wear lewd clothes such as only I am allowed to wear!” she thought, “my husband must be paying her far too much. After all she is wearing the finest red satin corset I have seen this side of the Pigalle, deliberately cut to expose her breasts, as well as fairly high heeled ankle boots upon her black sheer stockings. Who does she think she is!” Constance fumed. “I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl” the maid now almost oblivious with pleasure mewed to herself. “Please stop, I am shamed” she said.
Constance in a moment of perversity slipped two fingers up the maids vaginal entrance right until the third knuckle almost disappeared from view. Maud gasped and Constance started moving the fingers in and out unbelievably slowly. The maid thrust her bottom even higher and widened her legs about as far as they could go. Constance couldn’t help herself as she also started to lick the girl's pouting clitoris, sucking and pulling the lips with her sensuous and full lips. “Oh, oh my lord. It’s so fantastic!” came Maud’s quivering comments. Constance’s hand quickened its pace and Maud’s rear end bucked backwards and forwards and it became obvious that the maid’s orgasm was swiftly approaching. “You wanton, slovenly girl, I do believe you are enjoying this!” declared Constance.
Suddenly, she withdrew her hand thus causing another gasp to pass the Maid’s lips. “Lick my boots clean you frightful girl” commanded Constance. Maud shakily turned herself around and started to lick the shiny boot surface with her tactile tongue.“And the soles of my shoes you useless girl” said Constance.The maid dutifully ran her snake like tongue over the whole underside of the lady’s boot. “Now my legs, but do it slowly so I can savour the sensation of your wet naughty tongue gradually going up my thighs” was the Mistresse's demand.
Red mists of pleasure drifted across Constance’s mind as Maud’s mouth crept gradually higher and higher up the lady’s black mesh encased legs until Maud’s nose was just nudging the tip of Constance’s ripe vagina and clitoris. Constance was surprised at how wet she was, in fact, she was as wet as Maud had been if not even more so! Constance felt the onset of her climax as the Maid had been thirstily licking right between the lady’s legs causing delicious quivering and tingling sensations. “Only a man could usually arouse me to such a pitch” was the lady’s thought as she started to totter towards the bed. Constance’s legs then gave and the two lovers fell into each others' arms, a strong silk clad leg replaced the tickling tongue between her legs. A favour reciprocated by Constance as the pair aggressively swallowed each others' tongues and saliva in a melee of ferocious kissing. Both women exiting each other with the heavenly sensations caused by the friction of stocking sheened legs rubbing and rubbing their almost over exited clitorises. In a momentous few seconds all was over. Both mistress and maid orgasmed virtually simultaneously, soaking each others' shapely legs with love juice.
The lady of the house was the first to regain her composure. “Get off the bed you presumptuous girl!” she said, remembering her appointments for the day. Maud promptly obeyed and then dressed Constance in a change of lingerie but with the same afore requested dress. Her manner was meticulous and careful, she never spoke but had a certain look in her eye which Constance could not fathom. In the end Constance could take no more of the almost cocky attitude of the maid and asked her outright what on Earth was up with the girl. Maud, with a laugh, said “The master of the house said that you had the makings of a good mistress, all I had to do was to provoke you into action and to report back to him when you had been “broken in” so to speak. I will get a special bonus from him now, and with any luck, a few licks from his switch as well!”

Constance was speechless. The innocent girl was not so innocent. Also her beloved Albert seemingly had “Knowledge” of this impertinent young woman. “You, you mean all this was a set up!?” Came the lady’s thunderous outrage.

“Yes milady “ Maud said as she now, redressed, walked towards the door swinging her deliciously carved hips in an almost enticing manner. “I will venture one comment my lady. For a first timer, you were not at all bad!”

The door then closed, and Constance considered the luncheon with Albert ahead with particular interest!