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written by: Malachi Constant
Touring can make you crazy, or so they say. Band members seek solace from the rigours of the road in many ways. Some in drugs, some in the bottom of a beer glass, others have more interesting diversions. This issues interview is with the vocalist from a well known gothic/alternative band. A guy in his late 20’s.
“Ordinary sex really bores me. I mean, it’s ok for a bit, but then it becomes predictable, all the excitement’s just gone. It’s like, I just wanted something more than a drunken shag with me in the missionary position mindlessly sticking my cock in and out, in and out. In my early 20’s I became increasingly interested in “the outer edge” of sex as some people call it. Discovering the cerebral nature of the erotic. Someone once said that the most sensual part of the body was the brain, and this is what I am involved in. The playing of “mind games” to enhance the sexual experience. I have had a fair few decent encounters on the road, but none match up to the one I had in a hotel room in London.
We had done a gig, I was really knackered and had crashed out early in just my tour t-shirt and black shiny g-string. Fairly early next morning, about 7.30am - that’s very early by rock standards - I was half awake when I heard a light tap on the door and the sound of the door opening. I half opened my eyes to see what was going on and what I saw convinced me that I still must be dreaming! A vision of sexual loveliness if there ever was one! A goth girl dressed up as a french maid! She had black backcombed hair with a frilly maids hat perched on the top, great strong gothic make up with full sensual deep red lips. Her skin seemed alabaster white in the early morning sun, which was starting to glint through the half drawn curtains. The maids dress was scandalously sexy. Low cut with her more than ample breasts pushed up “wonderbra” style for all to see, and the hem line of her dress was so short I could see her creamy white thighs above her black stocking encased legs.
“Room service” she said.
I heard her high heels click gently as she closed the door and moved towards the dresser at the foot of my bed. Through my half closed eyes I could see the beautiful shape and grace of her body, moving with an almost divine mobility. She paused at the dresser, and lent over to straighten a picture on the wall. Her flimsy skirt rode up as a result, and gave me an almost heart stopping view of her bare bottom.
“You really ought to be more careful when you come back all drunk after a gig!” she scolded.
All I could do was groan, my penis had suddenly grown to a full stand, thus painfully straining my underwear. I continued to pretend to be half asleep as she started polishing the dresser. Her skirt had stayed up and her bottom cheeks began to sway rhythmically. It was a great sight! After a few minutes she stopped polishing and went over to the window near my bed.
“Looks like a couple of the curtain hooks have come unhooked, I’ll have to fix them.” she said.
To my great delight and surprise she took a chair from the table and placed one leg on it for balance, and reached up to the top of the curtain rail. I could now see right between her bum cheeks and into her gently shaved vagina. Her lower lips were red, full and pouting, looking deliciously wet and inviting in the splashes of early morning sun cascading around the room. “Damn it!” she said “I just can’t quite reach”.
She then strained upwards again, the action caused her to push her bum out a bit more and to open up her legs wider. I could now see the whole of her delights. The thick small nub of her clitoris, on one side, and her pink puckered little bottom hole at the other. I was starting to get very turned on indeed! After a few moments she said “There, that will fix it!” and climbed down off the chair. She then started fussing around the edges of the bed and kept smoothing the sheets down at the bottom of the bed base. All the time she was bending over and giving me eyefuls of her wonderful acres of cleavage. A smile on her lips at all times.
“This is definitely a game” I thought, “and I am going to play it to the best of my ability. It’s obvious that this woman has heard of my sexual preferences”.
The teasing continued, with the maid finding more things to clean or to move around the hotel room. Was she testing me or me testing her? I continued to pretend half sleepfulness. Eventually she came over to the bed and said “Is there anything else you’d like me to do? Anything you fancy?”
I left it a long moment before I answered “No thank you, you can go.”
A look of disbelief and disappointment flashed across her face. She started to walk towards the door, then I said. “Erm, just a moment I think there might be something.” Then, as quick as a flash, I jumped out of the bed, firmly grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled/pushed her to the bed pinning her arms above her head by holding her wrists. I could feel the heat of her sex on my bare leg, this sensation only added fuel to my passion and determination to “take charge”, now, as it were.
“So I take it you have heard of my tastes!” I asked.
“Oh, yes, a hell of a lot” came her breathy reply.
“I bribed the regular maid after I saw you last night at the gig!”
I reached down to the side of the bed where my luggage was and promptly pulled out two pairs of black chrome handcuffs.
“I tell everyone these are for stage wear” I said with an ironic smile on my face.
I placed a set of the cuffs on each of this most alluring hotel maid’s arms and began securing the other hoop of the cuffs to either side of the wooden head board. Then just as quickly, I took two leather studded belts from my suitcase, and secured each leg to either side of the bedstands. She was now completely helpless. Her legs wide apart and her thoroughly excited lower lips gaping open wantonly.
“What are you going to do with me?” she exclaimed.
I let my actions do the talking as I gradually started stroking her nylon encased legs. Slowly, gently, starting from the calf and moving almost imperceptively upwards. She began to moan softly with pleasure, her head to one side and her eyes closed. I was enjoying the feeling of the stockings on my fingertips and I was sure she was receiving pleasure as well. The pleasure of being under my control and not knowing what I was to do next, and also being totally unable to stop me. Such subtle torture can be most exhilarating. I was building her up to the moment I touch her thoroughly excited lower lips and clitoris. But not yet, not yet. My hands were at the top of her stockings where her heated bare flesh was almost too much of a temptation. She expected me to touch her, but my stroking, caressing hands avoided her sex. Much to her annoyance and secret pleasure. She was gyrating her hips so that my hands would meet her now soaking love nest, but I made sure that never happened. Then I started stroking from down at her calf again, causing a groan of ecstatic agony to issue from her mouth.
I kept this up for some while, all the time her passion was building. Her chest was moving up and down with greater urgency and I knew what to do next. I moved away from her legs and slowly unbuttoned the top of her maid’s dress and slowly unhooked her well filled bra, again taking great caution not to touch her unduly. “Isn’t it great to wait?” I asked. But she only moaned and her eyes had a far away cast to them.
Once free I could see the total erectile state of her nipples. Her breasts were hard with excitement and her nipples stood up to attention in a most enticing way. Rising and falling, rising and falling.
In a few moments I changed the whole scenario. I unlocked her cuffs. Pulled her up by her arms, but at the same time massaging her wrists. I freed both her legs and told her to turn over onto her knees. She wantonly obeyed my command parting her legs and buttocks in the process. I then put a pillow under her head and told her to put her arms out again towards the bed post. Swiftly, I secured her arms with the handcuffs again, and her legs with the belts. A vision of loveliness to my eyes! Her bottom up high in the air, thighs apart, lower lips winking and wet with excitement and perfect for some well deserved punishment!
I walked around the bed, erection tenting my g string proudly. “So, you exchanged with the usual maid did you?” I asked. “What did you think you would get out of that particular arrangement?” I continued. “This”. Was all what she said!
“I think that you have been a very bad girl and deserve some corrective treatment! Do you not?” I exclaimed.
She nodded and said. “Yes”.
“Yes sir! you wanton!” I snapped and gave her bare bottom a hefty smack. At this she jumped in surprise, but I also suspect secret expectation. A loud and breathy “Oh!” falling from her mouth and her slowly wiggling bottom trying to press onto my stinging hand.
I smacked her ivory orbs with the flat of my hand a few more times, bringing a lovely red glow to them in the process.
Before she had time to recover, I got out my black rubber riding crop and with measured force, gave her a few more strokes, this time making sure that I just got to the edge of her love lips on a few of the blows. Her eyes were even more “lost” than before and her lovely red lipstick mouth was gaping slightly.
I decided that at this moment she had had enough. Time to move on with the “punishment” I thought. Not all correction is of the “spanking” variety, some is more subtle. It is this that my maid was to endure next!
I reached into my bag and pulled out a long white swans feather. Firm and clean. I then placed myself in the enviable position directly behind her exposed nether treasures and began, with the greatest gentleness, to stroke her red cheeks with the feather. Long, slow, sweeping strokes that must at the same time cooled and excited her! The stem of the feather gliding over and between her bottom cheeks, with her all the time slowly gyrating, attempting to guide the feather elsewhere. I moved the feather up and down her black nylon meshed legs, pausing briefly at her stocking tops, then onto and between her delectable bottom cheeks. A moan purred briefly in her throat at the lewdness of my act. Then slowly, very slowly, I inched the feather tip towards her fragrant love petals. Her breathing increasing with anticipation. I decided she had waited enough, and with a flick of my hand I moved the feather boldly over the whole length of her sex and settled on the aching nub of her clitoris. The great thing about “feathering”, is that the touch stimulates to an almost unbearable pitch without ever being hard enough to cause the woman to orgasm. Thus driving her mad! More moans issued from her mouth as the torture continued.
After a little while I decided to upgrade the treatment she was receiving. I took my g-string off, and pulled my foreskin back revealing a very shiny and hard cockhead, dripping with sticky pre-come. I rubbed my thumb over the tip a few times in order to thoroughly coat it, and with no warning I moved quickly to the side of the bed and pushed the whole thumb into the maids open mouth. She began sucking greedily in her half trance, momentarily believing it to be my cock. Her eyes opened with surprise and I just said “taste me”.
She did and with some gusto. Again after a short while, I removed my thumb and traced the wet digit over and between her shoulders, down the length of her exquisite violin like back, down and between her nether cheeks, briefly pausing at her moistened rectum. Then in one forthright movement I placed the thumb between her love lips and onto her hard clitoris. She almost screamed with relief as I did so. I then glided my aching cock into the warm haven of her mouth and began to rotate my thumb. With my other hand I put a couple of fingers into her syrupy sex and gently finger fucked her as we began to melt together in a red mist of pleasure. How much time went by I don’t know. Delight like this cannot be measured in time, but it seemed an age and a second before she eased my penis out of her mouth and began to moan and cry almost uncontrollably. Her vagina began to squeeze my fingers, almost painfully, as she gave way to a most powerful orgasm.
I withdrew quickly and stood back to look at my sexy room service maid. She was totally sated and happy. It was a lovely sight, an angel in black suspenders. It was more than I could bare! I gave way to my lust and entered her passionately from behind. She reared up her head and begged me to fuck her as hard as I could, which I did so with the energy of a demon. The feel of her love tunnel around my frustrated and almost over engorged member was out of this world. She was just so wet and the feel of her shaven sex lips against my heavy balls was far too much for me to stand! In a trice I felt the rise of an orgasm and quickly withdrew as a spray of come shot out of me in six pulses, with a force I had not known in any of my previous encounters. I came all over her bottom, lower back, shoulders, there was even some on her maids cap!
I fell to her right side on the bed and could not move for a little while. In almost a dream I heard a voice calling my name.
“Time to get up you drunkard! The tour bus is waiting and we have a 3 hour drive to the next gig!”
It was the bastard road manager! I quickly untied “room service”, dressed, packed with her help and just before I left, kissed her with great passion on her full and sensual lips. She gave me her name and address which I promised to include on our info service and I left. On the bus later I mentally relived the whole morning and my thoughts were full of eagerness for the next tour to go this particular way again!
That is it for this particular issue, more from the gothic erotic world next time!