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written by: Malachi Constant
The Gothic scene is a fetish scene, as much so as any other fetish scene has been, either now, or at any time in the past!
Part of the pleasure derived by the general fetishist is in spending a long time and in many cases, money, creating a certain look. The same can be said about the typical goth. Both love clothes made of materials such as pvc, rubber, leather etc, and accessories such as chains, whips, make up and jewellry. They again spend a lot of time getting ready either to go out to a club or for their own aesthetic enjoyment. Hours are spent on make up, hair, etc and the end result can be stunning! Both scenes have a love of ‘objects’ and ‘items’ which they use in order to manufacture a pleasing image in an artistic/sexual sense.
When someone is dressed up in all their erotic/fetish/gothic finery it doesn’t necessarily mean that sex is definitely on the agenda. It means that the person wants to be considered attractive to like minded individuals and that sex might be hoped for as an end result. The basic difference between the goth/fetish scene and any other nightclub culture is that the former place objects and a certain look on a pedestal for worship which is after all what fetishism is all about. The other on the whole doesn’t.
Sex often happens at gothic and fetish clubs, either on the premises or more satisfactorily, later at home.
This is a case study interview conducted with a gothic man in his mid 20’s. The names of the persons involved have been changed to give the interviewees anonymity. Our subject, I shall call him Mike, talks about his first night out at a midlands gothic nightclub in the late 80’s.
“I’d always liked dark powerful music like The Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend and that, as well as all things dark and mysterious. I’d also always had a fantasy about getting off with a girl who liked the same things as me and was really good looking in an Elvira type of way.
I had gone to this club to enjoy myself one Saturday night, I’d been there about an hour when I saw her! There were loads of nice looking girls wearing virtually nothing, skimpy pvc mini skirts and basque tops and that, with loads of make up on and hair backcombed to the ceiling! But she sort of stood out. I wouldn’t say that our eyes met across the room as that sounds crap, but we did catch each others eyes somehow and we started looking at each other, eyeing one another up. She looked great! She had black crimped backcombed hair really nicely done, with red flicks in it that looked like flames. Sexy egyptian style eye make up on and her face looked as if it was made of finely chizzled porcelain. Her blood red lips completed the look.
Her shoulders were bare and over her arms and hands were really nice black shiny lycra gloves. But what really turned me on was the fact she was wearing a black rubber basque. She had also dusted her ample cleavage with white powder, which made them stand out even more than they were already doing. Every time she moved I was praying for one of her nipples to work its way out! About her waist she wore a loose belt upon which hung a small leather whip! I had heard about S & M but didn’t know much about it, and at this point in time didn’t give the whip much thought. Her skirt was black nylon, of the long see-through, floaty variety, under which I could just see the whisper of black stockings and suspenders. To complete the whole outfit she wore narrow, high black stilettoes which made her womanly stance even more womanly and sexy to look at.
For a long time we looked at each other until a mixture of alcohol and sexual attraction spurred me over to make contact.
“What bands do you like?” I asked.
“The Banshees, The Sisters and Alien Sex Fiend” she said.
Success I thought, she likes the same bands as me! We chit- chatted for a while and then we started dancing. She danced in front of me, whisking up her skirt a little every now and again and giving me a glimpse of creamy white thighs above her stocking bands each time. Then after some more alcohol she whispered to me to come with her, her name was Satcha and she said she had something for me!
Out of the sight of the club bouncers she guided me into a secluded part of the club and from there into the girl’s toilets. She ushered me into a vacant cubicle, hardly the most sexual of places but at least we were alone.
We began kissing, real open mouthed and full of passion. I could feel the heat of her rubber clad, hard breasts pressing through my shirt. She ran her hands up my leather clad thighs and without a word of warning unbuckled my belt and removed my trousers. I was glad at this point in time that I had worn my red satin g-string, my erection had forced the material to cling even more tightly. Then she said “brace yourself”. I promptly rested back upon the cubicle wall and waited. I didn’t have to wait long, she grabbed the whip on her belt and pulled it quite hard. In one movement the whip was free and her belt and black skirt dropped to the ground! She wore no knickers, and the whole sight of her in a heaving black rubber basque, legs apart and gloriously sheathed in a fine black nylon mesh standing on 5” high black stilettoes was a bit much in my excited state. I also felt a little bit light headed.
Then it happened! She commanded me to be still and to relax. Suddenly, the long curling leather whip was coiled around my g-string encased member until only the tip appeared almost squeezing through the satin. I was now very excited and when she gently licked the tip, I could feel my muscles tightening. Both her delicate gloved hands were then placed around the whip coil and she began to quickly masturbate me, using the coil as she would do a hand. The sensation of the satin and the leather was out of this world and it wasn’t long before I began pumping my semen into the g-string, through the material and onto the leather.
I fell back onto the toilet seat and in a flash she had put her skirt back on and uncoiled her whip, which had splashes of sperm here and there. As I was coming to my senses, she said “That was nice, see you around and thanks for the leather lubricant!” She giggled a little and walked out of the cubicle, leaving me there to wonder.
I never saw her again, but it was an amazing introduction to this gothic scene that I like so much”.
Mike’s story is not in anyway untypical. I hope in the future to bring you more stories and interviews about the gothic/fetish/ erotic scene.