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written by: Evangaline
The lift came to a halt, with a metallic thud. The lift doors slid sideways, allowing us our first view of the corridor ahead.

This time was dangerous, the building was crawling with security, had one of the most advanced security systems that either myself or Angelina had seen.

The object of the exercise was to steal some new plans for a state-of-the-art weapon. Our employer for this little escapade was a mystery, we had been contacted by phone, and all payments had been made in cash, by post. Not a particularly safe way of making payments, but obviously our employer wanted to stay anonymous. Once we had the plans, they were to be delivered to an apartment address we had been sent. We checked out the apartment and did some digging, but no matter what we did we came no closer to finding out who was actually employing us. But there again, the money was very good.
The operation had taken a long time in planning, making sure we had the right access passes, and that our retina scans had been added to the building’s security computer, which had proved to be a challenge in itself.
We had entered the building during the day, having acquired jobs there two weeks prior to the operation. When everyone else left the building, we disappeared into the ducting system, in one of the small storage rooms, and had waited for several hours, till the building was empty, and it was then controlled by the security system.
Sliding out of the ducting into the storage room, we got changed into more sensible clothing, for this type of work, and we had started to make our way through various corridors, down to the main security areas. It was then I heard the slight metallic hiss of a small security robot. Fortunately, my reflexes acted before my brain. My gun had been in my hand, the pale red beam sight light shot out and found its mark, then had come the small explosion, as I hit its sensor. Angelina had moved behind the robot and before it knew what had happened, she had ripped out its operating circuitry.

The security robots were stupid, little, electronic guard dogs. They were metal spheres, with an extendible arm which rose out of the top with a camera style eye attached to it. They floated about six inches above the floor. If they found anything amiss they sent a signal to the central security computer.

After reconnecting the central computer link-up in the small robot, and hooking up one of the mini video players to its electronic eye circuits, so that everything would appear to be all right, we proceeded to the lifts without incident.
As we stood in the lift scanning the corridor, my eyes wandered.

Angelina, a fierce and deadly woman. She had committed murder, not really for the pleasure of it, although at times I think she enjoyed it. Her crimes were too numerous, to even think about, she was one of the police’s most wanted criminals. They had actually caught her once, I’m not quite sure to this day how she actually escaped. But somewhere along the line, they must have forgotten to put the pacifier implant in her head. The dreaded little circuit, embedded deep in your brain, turning you into a government zombie. She wasn’t the only one of course, I had missed this delightful experience as well.

My eyes ran down the length of her body, studying the smooth, perfectly smooth form. God, I wished she had worn a different outfit, how was I to concentrate on the job with her looking like that? Her hair was a deep burgundy colour, and came to half way down her back. She wore a very tight fitting, low cut, black rubber leotard, with a black leather basque on top, pushing her breasts upwards. The nipples even made small dimples in the rubber, as it pulled tight round her breasts. Her hands were covered with long, black leather, fingerless gloves, reaching up to her elbow, which laced up on the inside of her arm. She also wore, thigh length black leather boots, which were decorated with silver boot straps. I still didn’t think stilleto boots were practical, but she had insisted that it wouldn’t make any difference to her. Under these she wore black fishnet tights, which stretched tight round her beautiful buttocks. Draped around her waist was her utility belt, which contained her personal, deadly arsenal.
I could tell she knew I was undressing her with my eyes, the slight smile, and the tight squeeze of my groin gave it away. “No time for that now, maybe later if you're a good boy.” She teased. She gave me a quick glance up and down.
I was wearing a black shirt, which was fairly loose and laced up at the front. I also wore tight fitting leather trousers. The problem was with these, was that Angelina could tell exactly how I was feeling at all times, and she generally insisted upon me wearing them. I wore knee high, black leather, boots, definitely more practical than Angelina’s choice of footwear. I'd had the soles specially changed to rubber, to give me a good grip, especially if I had to get out of somewhere in a hurry. My hands were covered with a pair of skin tight, leather gloves. I also wore a utility belt with a variety of weapons, and other equipment stashed inside.
We advanced out of the elevator, and turned left down the corridor. The metal walls were covered with a variety of access panels to the building's electronic circuitry. Several pipes followed the length of the corridor at floor level. At each intersection we slowed down. Angelina checking the corridors on the right, and I was checking the corridors on the left. When we came to the junction we required, we stopped and peered down the corridor. It was clear and we knew we had ten minutes until the next security robot was expected in this area. At the end of the corridor was a thick, vault like door. I swung the rocket launcher down off my back, and checked the heavy duty charge. I knelt down in front of the door. Angelina already had her pistol out. She pressed her eye up to the retina scanner, then the fearful few seconds before we knew for sure that the additions to the security codes had worked. The door gave a metallic hiss, as the pistons began to move, and slowly parted.

Before the doors were fully opened I had aimed and fired. The two security cyborgs were standing at the far end of the room, guarding the inner door. My blast took the first one straight through the head. The internal fluids, and electronic components splattered against the wall behind it. Its metallic legs gave way, and it crumpled to the floor where it had stood. The other moved too fast for me. It dropped to the floor, and the shot hit the wall behind where it had been standing. All the impact had left was a scorch mark across the wall. Before I could change the energy cartridge, it jumped into the air drawing both its weapons from their resting places, and somersaulted in mid leap straight towards me. Then just before it landed its guns started firing. Beams of deadly light shot out in a calculated sweep of the area where I had been kneeling. Fortunately my reactions were fast enough for me to pull back behind the door, drawing my own hand gun.
When Angelina saw the cyborg begin to move she had dived over me, into the room. As she hit the floor she rolled over onto her feet, and came up firing. The cyborg spun round, deadly beams of light still coming, desperately trying to find their mark. As it turned to Angelina, I pulled one of the grenades off the back of my utility belt, and dropped it at its feet. You could hear the electronic circuits pulse, as the cyborg registered what was happening. It started to move, but the timer was almost non existent. The grenade went off, the explosion throbbed through the room. If we hadn’t both been wearing our ear plugs we would now be deaf.
“You’re getting slow, old man. I’ll have to replace you soon.” Angelina teased. “We better move it now, the main security system will have registered a breach, and more of these things will be on the way.” Red lights started flashing, sirens began to wail, but all it succeeded in doing was add to the adrenaline rush. We quickened our pace., and moved to the door. I reached into my belt, and brought out a small leather pouch. I opened it up and surveyed the delicate tools. I also placed a pair of scanner goggles on, so I could see the invisible laser beams guarding the door. Reaching out, I proceeded to disable the two electronic laser beams. Once I had done this, I stepped back and gave a slight bow, and indicated that it was Angelina’s turn to open the door. She reached for her belt, and took out a black box. She placed this next to the door's locking system, a metallic thud sounded as the magnetic back took hold of the door. She then started to delicately tap away at the keys on the black box, and one by one the numbers came up on the digital display. When ten numbers were lit, she released the box, and placed it back on her belt.

“Well shall we enter, dear?” she said. With this she proceeded forward to the retina scanner.

The scanner beeped. “Please enter security code and clearance number.”
Angelina’s fingers started to tap away at the control keypad. It seemed like a life time, in the next thirty seconds as we waited for the security code to clear. Then, as we knew it would, the door began to open.
The hair on the back of neck stood up, and a chill ran down the length of my spine. Something was wrong. I grabbed Angelina’s hand, spun her round, even before the door had finished opening. Then I saw them, and so had Angelina, her gun was already firing, as she broke away from my grip, and dived for the floor, expertly coming up on one knee. I reacted slightly slower, but still faster than the security men, now entering the room, behind us, in full force.
I saw Angelina toss two grenades into their midst. Several men started to move out the way, too slow. The grenade exploded, and three men were thrown into the air, to land in distorted heaps. My gun was also rapidly firing. Beams of light could be seen criss crossing the room in every direction. More security men fell, then I noticed several other guards enter the room through the door. I tossed several more grenades in various directions, as I rolled out of the way of an accurate shot. The men then started disappearing as the grenades began to explode. Angelina was also moving, trying to gain ground towards the only possible exit.

The room was starting to get very hot, and quite smoky, as many of the guards lay dead or dying on the floor. The smell of burning flesh was getting overpowering. Then I saw Angelina fall. I tried to move towards her, but the intensity of the firefight kept me from moving. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my arm, I turned and looked down. A small puncture wound could be seen in my arm. I brought my gun up and blasted the security man. His face changed from satisfaction to shear horror, as his legs gave way.
My mind started to go groggy, the security men had stopped firing and moved back slightly. Then I saw him, a short, thick set man with no neck. He was smoking a large cigar, and he wore a very well cut, expensive suit. My mind started to cloud over and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I could feel my body relax, my legs felt like jelly, and I slumped to the floor. The suit was now standing over me, looking down, with a very smug expression on his face. Then the world faded and my mind went blank.
As my mind cleared, my body throbbed with a feeling of pain, I started to look round. The room looked like an operating theatre, there were banks of control panels on three of the walls, the ceiling was high and had an array of lights in a circle, directly above me. I noticed there were also several moveable control panels, with wires freely trailing from the back of each. I presumed the wires were connected to the chair I was strapped into.

The chair itself was black rubber, and moulded to the form of my body. My head was supported by two hard pads at the back of my head, with a thick, rubber strap running from one to the other over my forehead. I could feel the prick of small needles in each pad, protruding against my head. The chin strap kept my head from moving. My hands were covered with thin rubber gloves up to my elbows, each finger had several sensors attached to them, with wires running up the length of the glove, and additional sensors attached to these. Each sensor had a small needle protruding against my body. There were also three straps attached to the chair, over each arm, making it impossible to move either hands or arms. My legs also had several straps wrapped round them, with more sensors and wires twisting and winding down and around my legs, back to one of the movable control panels. There was also a thin rubber sheath covering my penis and balls, this also had wires and sensors attached. There were also several other sensors attached to other parts of my body.
Apart from the straps, sensors, and wires I was totally naked. For the first time since I was eleven I hadn’t got a weapon close at hand, and I felt totally vulnerable and defenceless. I had never known this feeling of helplessness before.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see Angelina. She was in the exact same predicament as myself. Her eyes were wild, and I knew if she could move, the first person through the door would be dead before they took their second step.
The door opened, and the man in the suit walked in. He stopped and stood in the middle, between the two chairs, looking backwards and forwards between the two of us. “Well it's taken us twelve years to catch you two. But I’m pleased to inform you, that you actually fell for the trap we set this time.” he stopped talking for a moment, looking at each of us in turn.
“Your ingenuity and, let’s say, your special talents, are of an interest to my organisation. We want you to work for us, on special assignments. Missions, if you like, that need to be undertaken discreetly. You will receive your assignments, and orders from me, and you will report only to me. If you get caught, you're on your own, we will not try and rescue you. We will, however, try and provide you with everything you may require.”

“Go to hell you bastard.” I hissed. Angelina also mumbled something I couldn’t quite make out.

“We will see, but to help you with your decision we have designed this little experiment for you. Enjoy your therapy.” was all he said. Then two men entered the room. Each carried a full face mask. These were placed over our heads, the insides were rubber with two moulded sockets for our eyes. Once the mask was in place I heard the click of a switch, the pain was horrendous as the needles in the sensors entered my body. I heard Angelina scream.
When my eyes opened, I was floating in a pale blue liquid. I started to struggle for a moment ,before I realised that I could breath, then it hit me, it wasn’t real. Where was I? Was it a dream? My mind surged. No, it was some drug mixed together with an electronic induced world. But I could feel and touch things, the feeling of being totally free and totally indestructible was exhilarating, I could feel my member becoming fully erect with the feeling of power.
Then I saw Angelina, she started to move, swim, towards me. Our eyes met, I knew this strange universe had affected her as it had me. We fell into each others arms, pulling each other close, almost trying to crush the life out of each other with the intensity of our feelings for one another.
For some reason our emotions were exaggerated almost ten times over. Our lips met, gently touching, moving round each other’s lips, exploring. My tongue darted out, caressing her lips. I could taste the feeling of love coming out of her mouth. She pulled me closer, squeezing our lips together. Our tongues touched, moved and entwined with each other, gently exploring the inner depths of each others' mouths, our saliva mixed, running from one to the other, uniting our feeling of being one. My member lightly touched her damp, soft pubic hair. Then she pulled me tight, forcing my red hot member to be squashed between our two bodies.
The heat we were generating began to soar, our bodies entangled and became one. The world exploded, our forms changed, we became an intense ball of power moving rapidly through this strange universe. One being, one thought, total passion was being dissipated in every direction. I could feel the heat, scorching, searing, we were unable to stop.

Then we were drifting, just above the ground of a green, summer meadow. You could smell the sweetness, and feel the warmth of the distant bright sun.

Her legs wrapped around my body, changing into rubber, stretching round and round my body, caressing my legs from top to bottom. Her hands moved slowly down towards my groin. The quick strong grasp of my penis made my head jerk back, I thought for a moment I couldn’t control it any longer. My arms grew, gently moving over her whole body, feeling every dimple, every muscle, every soft, beautiful part of her body. My arms returned to what I considered normal, I gently started to caress her breasts, gently pulling at each nipple, bringing them fully erect. They stood prominently, and proudly from her body. My mouth closed around the right nipple, gently pulling it between my teeth. Kissing her breasts, running my tongue over the nipples brought a slight groan of passion from between her small beautiful lips.
Her hands worked with ease the length of my penis, forcing the skin back down the shaft. One hand was playing with my balls, pinching the sack lightly. Then she raised her hand, a fingernail started to lightly run over the bright red end of my penis, gently stopping to pinch it every now and again. It brought my member stiffer and harder than it had ever been before.
Our bodies started to meld into one another, becoming one being. Then we were flying, our one body had grown light wispy wings. The ground passed away below us, no terrain could be made out, just streaks of colour as our body flew faster and faster. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through our body. The cells could be felt mingling, entwining becoming one. Then we started to slow. We came to a stop in a beautiful, oriental garden, our body began to split, returning us to our own bodies. Our mouths were still locked, in a ferocious kiss. It felt like Angelina was trying to suck every last drop of passion out of my body.
My hand went down between her legs, I felt the sticky wet pubic hair covering the opening of her passion. My fingers worked, delicately moving over her tight lips, occasionally letting the slightly parted lips suck my fingers inside. Then I would withdraw, letting the tip of my finger run over her clitoris, sending shivers through her body.

Her hands were savagely working my penis harder and harder. She slowly started to kiss my neck, then my body, working her way down to my member. Then she closed her lips round the end. She paused for a moment, savouring her first taste of my lightly dripping member. Then her mouth came down and took the full length deep inside her. I could feel the back of her throat as she moved it in and out, sucking and savouring every drop of my pre-cum she could get. Her tongue flickered over the end of my penis, in between breaths for air, her hands delicately worked and caressed my balls at the same time. She was eager for my member to release its load , to cover herself in the sticky white liquid that was sure to come.
As she came back up, her hands took over again. I started to move down her body. First taking each full breast in my hands, and gently squeezing, pulling them up to meet my eager mouth. Each nipple in turn, I took between my teeth and lightly pulled. They stiffened and became hard and slightly sore with my work. She didn’t mind, her body came towards me, eager for more. She gently started to push my head downwards to her open lips, eager for me to drink the juices of her passion. My tongue started to flicker in and out, touching every inch of the inside of her vagina that it would reach. My teeth lightly pulled on her lips, then her clitoris, sending a slight spasm of exquisite pleasure through her body. My fingers found her anal passage, and slowly I started to move my fingers in and out, slowly rubbing, always bringing her closer to pure release and ecstasy.
Her body started to move, to push towards me. thrusting, hungrily looking for by penis to release her from the endless mounting of pleasure.

Then our bodies were rolling, wrapped in each others arms. We never actually stopped, but we were now floating again, all the time our hands were working each others' bodies. The pleasure was building, the feelings we felt for each other were wide open. No-one could have separated us at that point even if they had wanted to. Floating, our bodies moved round each other, first I was in front of her, then the red end of my stiff penis was touching her anal passage, her hands grasped my buttocks, forcing my body forward, and my member to enter in between her buttocks. I started thrusting, pumping into her. Then the world changed, I was in front again, and this time we were lying on water. Nothing could be seen on any horizon. She took my penis between her hands and lightly pulled me forward. Then, pressing it between her breasts, she started to move them up and down the length of my member. Then again she started to caress the end of my penis with her tongue. Her hands moved to grasp my buttocks and pull me closer. Her fingers found my anal passage and started to gently penetrate and caress the soft sensitive skin around the opening. Then she rolled me over so she was on top of me. She then took my member between her legs. I felt it move up her wet thighs, she stopped as she moved the end through the damp, coarse pubic hair. Rubbing her open lips, teasing my erect member. I felt myself stiffen, then her lips parted, my penis was sucked inside. Our soft wet sexual organs mixed, she was starting to move, pushing down, then rising again. I smelt the juices of our passion as they started to mix inside her.
The world revolved, and we were under water. I was again on top, thrusting, pumping looking for relief. Then neither of us could hold our passion any longer. My member squirted and sprayed the inside of her vagina with the product of our love. She grasped as the first orgasm came. Still I kept thrusting, and again she came.
Reluctantly she let go of my penis, her parted lips eager for more. I moved my head down between her legs again, sucking and caressing her vagina, Tasting her love juices and letting her savour the feeling for a while longer. She came again. A rush of fresh liquid just for me, I drank all she gave, savouring the taste. Then she pulled back, her head came down. She took my slightly soft penis, between her lips, into her mouth and started to suck. My member soon became fully stiff, and erect. Again her tongue was working viciously, eagerly awaiting my sperm. Then I came, filling her mouth, the white sticky liquid crept out the corner of her mouth. Flowing down her exquisite body, rolling over her breasts trying to find another way inside her. She drank and savoured the juices that she was able to catch and keep hold of.

We embraced, our energy was draining, our passion had been fulfiled. Our mouths touched, our lips parted, each wet with the other’s product of fulfilment, and commitment to each other.
The strange landscape started to part, turning into multicolored balls. like planets on an endless background. Then the world went black.
“Well did you enjoy your experience? According to our monitors you did.” The voice came through the grogginess. It was the man in the suit.
“What have you done to us? You bastard.” I cried. I was furious.
“Well you see we have this little electronic drug which, when connected to parts of your body, gives you an experience never forgotten. It sends you off into a world of your own creation, where you can do what, how and where you like. No barriers. The problem is, that it is one hundred percent addictive, and once it’s been tried you can never be sexually satisfied normally again.” he smiled sweetly, as we struggled against our bonds.
“Now, to business. If you both work for us, then we will make the appropriate connections to your bodies, so that all you have to do is plug a small cylinder in a socket on the back of your neck, and you will be able to have similar experiences again and again. That is, when I recharge the cylinders. You see, the cylinders only hold enough charge for four trips. Now, as long as you both behave, I will keep supplying you with the cylinders.” He almost laughed as he told us.
I just wanted to kill him. But we both knew that he had won. After the experience we had just had, we would probably have done almost anything to be able to repeat it. We would have to work for this creep, that is until we could find a way of being able to duplicate the experience for ourselves.