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Sex With a Stranger

written by: Evangaline
The city towered upwards, sending the streets into almost continual darkness. The steel and glass buildings seemed to lean menacingly towards you, as you walked down the sidewalks. There were video cameras everywhere, you weren’t allowed to step outside your own compartment without being under surveillance. Even the compartments were monitored at regular intervals. Large bill boards flashed neon messages at you as you tried to move quietly about. Brain washing you into submissive behaviour. Anyone caught not obeying the laws was instantly penalised. Before you knew what you had done there would be several armed police officers there to make sure you knew. All the penalties were severe even for the minor infringements of the law.

The year was 2019, I was Nathaniel, a simple designer. Unfortunately I was one of the people responsible for the graphics on a lot of the billboards. The main problem was I didn’t agree with what I was designing. Most of the wording always started with “You are not allowed to.....” You thought at times if the government had there way, you would spend all your time in one place eating and sleeping.
Then there was the elite, the rich people all they did was party in lavishly furnished buildings, located in the centre of the city. They used and abused the less fortunate, always looking down at you, they dare not touch or come close to you, you were scum to them. Something to be wiped off the sole of their shoe. There were a few people taken and refined so that they could serve and look after them. These people were taken without permission, just snatched. Anyone enquiring after them was just told to mind their own business.
Over the years I had become accustomed to life and was relatively happy. That was until I met Kasandra. She was an extraordinary person, so full of life, most of the time too much so. She had her problems, most of these resulted from her will to live her own life and not surcome to the demands of the elite. This had cost her several jobs in the passed. Her track record wasn’t favourable, anyone she associated with was kept under scrutiny. Fortunately the elite didn’t consider her exploits a risk to the system, so they just tolerated her.

We had been seeing each other for a couple of months now. Our exploits were beginning to show. Stopping out and drinking all night and going to the late clubs. Life was fun, there was never a dull moment when I was with her. Some of her friends were definitely undesirables.. Some of these even held open protest meetings about the system. Fortunately since I had known her she hadn’t got actively involved.

This night we were stumbling back from a club, we had both had a large amount to drink. When we reached her compartment she invited me in for a final drink. We entered the small room. It was lavishly decorated with black and purple drapes hanging from the ceiling covering the bare cold steel of the walls. There wasn’t much furniture, it was mainly large cushions thrown about. The main living area was a foot lower than the rest of the compartment, and about ten foot in diameter. All the other so called rooms were open to the main living area. Except the toilet that was hidden in a cylinder in the corner. All the compartments were the same it was just the furnishings that were different.
I slumped down on one of the cushions, as Kasandra went to get the drinks. I watched as she crossed to the other side of the room. Her sweet buttocks moving from side to side as she moved to find a bottle. Even in her slightly anebriated state she still managed to move elegantly in her stilettoes. The six inch heels clicking on the floor as she stepped off one of the rugs onto the cold steel surface. She was wearing a black rubber dress which came down to her knees, and the front of the dress was very low cut, just showing the light pink of the top of her nipples. Down the front of the dress was a band of almost see through lace, and I knew from the slow dances at the end of the night she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. You could actually just about make up your own mind about that just by looking at her. Her long dark her tumbled down passed her shoulders in a cascade of living beauty.

“You enjoyed yourself tonight, then?” she asked sweetly.

“Well, yes it was interesting. I wasn’t quite sure about that Mike. Some of his ideas were a bit controversial. Anyone who hangs around with him is going to get into trouble sooner or later. Maybe in the past thinks were different and people had a freedom of choice, but now things are different and no matter what you say, things won’t change.” At the time I had been a little bit on edge. He had been talking about what life had been like in the past, and how things were different outside the city dome. But everyone knew outside the city dome it was a wasteland no one could survive.
“I don’t know.” Kasandra replied. “I sometimes think that there has to be more than just doing as your told. Living just to satisfy the Elite.”
She leaned forward and gently stroked my cheek. I pulled back slightly, not really knowing what to do, Personal contact to another persons skin was forbidden.
“Don’t you like my touch?” she asked.
“Its just that I haven’t been touched before.” She laughed. “Well I mean I‘ve had handshakes and I’ve held you before, but I’ve never been touched like that before. Its illegal your not allowed to touch somebody else,” She laughed again.
“Well in the past as I’ve been told couples actually used to get a lot more intimate than that. They even used to do this...” and she leaned forward, slowly parting her lips she touched mine. I felt a shiver run through my body and I actually leaned forward to stop her from pulling back. Her tongue flicked round my teeth gently probing the inside of my mouth.

Then I suddenly pulled back. “What’s wrong, she asked.

“This type of contact is illegal. We’ll get in a lot of trouble if we get caught. Intimate contact is forbidden. the penalty is a brain wipe, and I definitely don’t want that.”

“Well neither do I .” She replied. But sometimes you just have to go with your instincts. I don’t actually know why close contact is forbidden. What harm is there in it.”

“What I have heard is that its dirty and it degrades your partner. It’s like in the past women used to carry babies inside them. But the Elite decided that this was impractical and unflattering for women. Which is why there are the baby clinics. Were taught from an early age to respect women.”
“Respect for women doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be touched and caressed. It just means that we don’t want to be treated like dirt., something to be used then cast aside. I want to get to know you better, I believe that you will be gently and kind to me.” She was slowly getting closer to me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to leave, but I wasn’t sure about this, I could get into a lot of trouble. If I didn’t go along with her would I lose her? I wasn’t sure.
Her hand moved gently up my leg. I was defiantly enjoying the feeling. But something held me back, I just couldn’t bring myself to touch her. Her hand moved higher, then it closed around my member, which by now was extremely hard and fully erect. Her hand moved up and down gently stroking it through my leather jeans.
Her other hand came forward and slowly moved my hand up towards her chest, encouraging me to feel her breasts. My hand gently closed around her left breast. I could feel her nipples were hard and firm, forcing the rubber dress to stretch as they tried to force their way through.

She gently prized off my clothes, caressing my naked body with her soft, warm hands. No matter what my thoughts were my body took over. I slowly unzipped the back of her dress, and with a little prying it fell to the floor. I slowly sank backwards losing myself in the emotions of the moment. I slowly sank backwards losing myself in the emotions of the moment. My body felt as if it was on fire, I had never had these feelings before. Why had the Elite banned this behaviour, I was finding it most satisfying.

Our bodies entwined, moving rhythmically with the flow of emotions. Our bodies were becoming very wet and hot with the force of our love. Our mouths moved hungrily backwards and forward sucking at each others energy.

We experimented for several hours. Bodies moving and grinding in the dark. Moans of pleasure could be heard throughout the room. Fortunately for us each compartment was well sound proofed.
We lay totally exhausted on the floor. Our bodies were still entwined. Her left hand lay on my member, her head on my shoulder. I pulled her close and kissed her. Her smile gave away her feelings. She was happy.
“I have never done that before. I have read some of the banned books. I have also seen one of the films they tried to destroy. But I’m so happy we did. I don’t understand why these type of acts are supposed to be bad for you. My body certainly didn’t object, and neither did yours.” I felt the gentle stroke of her breath on my neck as she spoke.
“We can’t tell anyone about this, we’ll be taken.” I waited quietly for the thought to sink through the high we were still both riding. “We must be very careful. I’m not even sure we should do this again, ourselves.”
The look on her face was of sheer horror. “You don’t mean that? You can’t, we’ve enjoyed ourselves, probably for the first time without any inhibitions, without worrying that we shouldn’t, without thinking of anyone else.” She said with real feeling.
We talked for several hours before I realised what the time was. We quickly hastened to get ready for work. If we were late we might draw attention to ourselves, and that is something that we definitely didn’t want to happen. Occasionally as we passed, in our hurry to get dressed a hand would dart out and quickly grope the other person in some tender spot.

Our feelings could not be quenched or pushed aside, and all through the day my mind was running over and over the evenings events. I couldn’t get her out of my thoughts. My member was almost constantly erect all day in anticipation of the what was to come later. The day seemed to drag on forever, the hands of the clock in the office had ground to a halt.

I knew what we had done was illegal, close body contact was a definite no go, but I couldn’t stop myself. I thought of her tender breasts filling my hands as I gentle squeezed, her hard pink nipples being pinched between my fingers. And so my thoughts went on in total torment of my body.

I even looked differently at my secretary, thinking what I could do to her, and would she enjoy it. Or were we freaks, different to everybody else.
Whenever anyone walked into the room I looked up, I had visions of being discovered. I wondered if I looked different, if anyone could tell what we had been up to. Even the torment of wondering if our secret would be discovered enhanced my erection. I didn’t understand this, how could the suspense of being discovered and captured arouse me?
Finally the day ended, I nearly jumped out of my chair when the bell went to tell us that it was time that we could go home.. I held myself in check with great difficulty. I wanted to run, but instead I settled for a brisk walk trying not to draw attention to myself. I headed straight for Kasandra’s compartment. I knew that she would be there already, her office was only a couple of minutes walk from where she lived. Would she still be in the same mind as she was last night? or had the day brought her to her senses, and she was going to turn me in, or worst still refuse to see me.
As I brought my hand up to place the palm of my hand on the electronic lock, the door opened. Her hand flew out and almost dragged me inside before I knew what was happening. Then we were on the floor struggling to get each others clothes off. She immediately changed her mind and just unzipped my flies. My stiff member sprang forth in eager anticipation, its red end already wet with excitement. It throbbed with anticipation as I lifted her skirt and thrust it into her sticky, wet sex. I pumped harder and faster forcing groans and screams of ecstacy from her tender lips.
After about an hour we just lay there totally exhausted.
“Did anyone say anything at work.” I asked.
“A few of the girls said that they thought I looked different, but just thought that I had been out drinking late last night. I don’t think anyone would have guessed what we had really been doing.”

“Kasandra, I’ve been thinking. Lets leave the city, let’s go and find somewhere else where we don’t have to worry or look over our shoulders every few minutes wondering if anyone knows, or if we are going to get picked up by the authority all the time. I don’t ever want to lose you, and if we do get found out they will brain wash us, wipe out all our pleasures. I don’t want to lose what we’ve found.” My mind was racing thoughts were coming in thick and fast. Was there somewhere else to go? I didn’t really know, but I wanted us to be safe and together, to explore each other feeling and fears become one. Maybe it would only last for a few months, but I thought the gamble was worth the risk, would she?

Slowly the weeks dragged by and as we explored our new found pleasures. All the time wondering, would we be found out? and if we were what would happen to us. In a strange way it was exillerating forcing us closer into our own private world.
These days we didn’t have much to do with anyone else, we tended to keep ourselves to ourselves. Even when we went out for a meal our feet would stray, under the table away from prying eyes. We would giggle like teenagers, lost in our own private world.
Then horror struck like a thunderbolt from the gods, forcing us back to reality.
The door flew open, and in stormed a number of the elite’s secret police. In a haze of activity they quickly and efficiently trussed us up. Our bodies were stripped of every inch of clothing, and prying hands explored our bodies in a rough repulsive manner. Our legs were encased in black leather straps holding them firmly together and forcing our private parts out for everyone to see. Our arms were also pulled together behind our backs with leather straps. Then our ankles and wrists were tied together.
When they had finally finished tying us up, we were, no matter how much we tried to stop it, in a state of arousal. Our sexes were wet and hungry. But we just couldn’t move, we were at their mercy for them to do with as they pleased.
Then the commander walked in. She stood admiring her officers handiwork. “You make me sick. To actually do things like that to each others bodies, it’s degrading.” She looked at Kasandra and said “How can you let a man violate you like that? There is definitely something wrong with you. You will be taken away for punishment and re-education.” She paused, and then almost as an after thought she added “Oh, by the way you will be strapped to these poles and led to the punishment centre through the streets. So everyone can see the sickness that you carry inside you.”

With that she left the room. The officers then grabbed each of us and strapped us to the poles she had indicated. They then lifted the poles onto their shoulders, and proceeded out of the room.

We looked like hunting trophies. We were each wriggling like mad, trying desperately to get free. Then we were outside. There were already people on the streets who had come to see what the police were doing in there neighbourhood. Our bodies were on full display for everyone to see, and with our bodies wriggling we were producing quite a display for them. We proceeded at a very slow pace, the police seemed to like our embarrassment. If we stopped wriggling then they would poke us back into life again. I don’t know why but my member was rock hard and in a full state of excitement. I caught a glimpse of one of the guards every now and again sticking his electric baton in Kasandras sex and giving her a quick burst of electricity. I could see she was also in a full state of arousal and at that moment would have allowed almost anyone to enter her.
We finally reached the punishment centre, the walk had taken nearly two hours. We were both exhausted, when we were finally put down on the floor of our cells.. We weren’t however released for another couple of hours, we were left in our trussed up state to contemplate what we had done. The degrading spectacle we had made had actually got us both excited and our breathing was short and fast.
I looked over at Kasandra, and whispered quietly so the security cameras that were watching us couldn’t pick up on what we we saying, “We have to get out of here, I don’t know when or how, yet. But if we get the chance just move, don’t think about it.”
She looked back at me. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take. We’ve been treated like bits of meat on display, and all we did was express our feelings for each other in a more personal matter than the government would like. I still don’t see why physical contact is banned, or even frowned on.”

“Who knows what there reasons are. I think that the people who made these laws had problems expressing there own feelings, there is a good possibility that they never reached full sexual satisfaction.”

Just then the door opened, and a stern looking officer walked in. “Right you two its time to put those unhealthy bodies through their paces. Hopefully it will make you realise why these laws exist.” She turned and looked at Kasandra, “You should know better, girl, how could you let a man do that to you?”

Then two more officers were brought in. They roughly, untied us and pulled us to our feet. They gripped their batons, and prodded our backsides. When we didn’t move they pressed a small button, this sent an electric shock running through our bodies. But it definitely got us moving.
We move quietly through the metal corridors, we could hear sobs and cries of despair from behind closed doors, obviously we were not the only one in the same predicament. Occasionally we would hear someone scream, we were never quite sure if it was in pain or pleasure.
We passed an open door, and inside could be seen a young girl, totally naked. She was suspended from the ceiling by two delicate chains connected to rings in the ends of her black rubber gloves which reached nearly to her shoulders. Her legs were encased in black rubber thigh length boots which were anchored to the floor about three foot apart. She had also been fitted with a legs spreader just above her knees, forcing her to keep her legs apart and her most private parts open for the world to see. As she hung there suspended there were two wardens vigorously forcing extremely large steel vibrators in and out of both orifices. As they were doing this another vibrator had been stuffed into her mouth, it was so big it had forced her head backwards. All she could do was wriggle and squirm. Unfortunately for the girl her sex was very wet and sticky with arousal.
Around the edge of the room a number of other naked prisoners were forced to watch the poor girl suffer the humiliation of her punishment.

As we were paraded through the complex we were told that these punishments were to show the individuals how disgusting and degrading sexual contact was. And that by abusing them in ways like this, it made them realise how degrading the acts of sexual pleasure were for people. Eventually they would either see the truth and dismiss physical sexual contact forever. If this failed, unfortunately they would have to operate, to physically remove their sexual desires. Either way, it was not a pleasant future.

We heard a high pitched scream of pain, and as the officers heads turned with interest, I grabbed Kasandras hand and started to run. She soon got the idea, as we ran for our future happiness. Before we had moved very far the guards turned and noticed our movement. It took them several seconds to realise what was happening, they weren’t use to people trying to make a run for it. I pushed forward and with all my force I slammed into the double doors at the end of the corridor, fortunately they flung open with a crash. We dived through, running at a dead run, running for our lives. We daren’t stop to look back as the sounds of the alert sirens blasted the city’s peace.
We ran through streets and alleyways . Through several crowded streets, this caused quite a commotion as we were both still naked. The run was exhilarating, with thoughts of what would happen to us if we were captured, and the faces of the crowd as we ran passed.

Eventually, we managed to loose the officers and came to a stop in an alleyway quite away from the punishment centre. We fell into each others arms.

“What are we going to do now?” Kasandra asked.

“I’m not really sure, but I know I didn’t want to stay there. First things first though. We need clothes, we can’t moved around the streets like this.”

We crept round several streets until we eventually found some old clothes that had been thrown away. After getting dressed we quickly started to move on. We decided that we would try and leave the city. We weren’t sure that it was even possible, the government told us that the world was dead beyond the city dome, but know one really knew.
After several days of avoiding patrols and sleeping rough we eventually arrived at the edge of the dome. We stood looking at each other holding hands. Kasandra squeezed my hand, I could tell she was frightened. Neither of us knew what would be waiting for us on the other side. But neither of us could live in this sad, sick place anymore, were human intimate contact of any sort was forbidden, forced into being a degrading act.
I threw a stone at the wall, it vanished. It was a security screen, blocking any view of the outside world from anyone looking at it, and displaying a projection of beautiful countryside. I wondered had anyone else tried to cross over or were we the first. It was supposed to be instant death if you ventured into the outside world.

We stood and embraced each other, in the way only lovers do. Our hands exploring each others bodies, probably for the last time.

Then holding hands we walked forward through the screen.